Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Brnivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Lblbrn-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Blutst-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Multi-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Black-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Brngrn-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Rust-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Gldbrn-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Grnivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Sampl-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 12'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 12'-Sftgld-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Brnivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 8'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 12'-Black-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Black-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3' x 5'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3' x 5'-Sgrgld-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-4' x 6'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-6' x 6'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-6' x 6'-Plm-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8' Diameter-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture
Soumak Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8' x 10'-Ivy-Jennifer Furniture

Soumak Rug

Regular price $299.99 Sale price $199.99 Save $100.00

Colors: redblk, or whtred, or blutst, or brngrn, or brnivy, or gldbrn, or grnivy, or plmivy, or lblbrn, or multi, or plmgld, or rustsbr, or sampl, or sftgld, or sgrgld.
Materials: wool.
Finishes: soumak.
Dimensions (in):
2' x 3'
2'6" x 12'
2'6" x 10'
2'6" x 8'
3' x 5'
4' x 8'
4' x 6'
4' x 10'
6' x 9'
6' x 6'
6' x 6'
8' x 8'
8' x 10'
8' x 8'



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