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Looking for a renowned furniture manufacturer to fill your home with some amazing furniture? Flexsteel furniture can be your optimal choice. This iconic brand has set a solid standard for excellence since 1893. It has... Looking for a renowned furniture manufacturer to fill your home with some amazing furniture? Flexsteel furniture can be your optimal choice. This iconic brand has set a solid standard for excellence since 1893. It has a rich heritage of craftsmanship and a strong commitment to quality, which is why it has earned a place in the industry. Today, Flexsteel stands as one of the most respected furniture manufacturers in the US, producing a wide range of products, including sofas, chairs, recliners, sectionals, and more. With over a century of experience and a dedication to innovation, Flexsteel continues to play a big role in shaping the furniture industry. You can find exclusive Flexsteel brand furniture at Jennifer Furniture, which is a reputed furniture retailer. Scroll through the collections and get your hands on the exclusive Flexsteel furniture today. Read More
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    About Flexsteel Fruntiture,

    Flexsteel first began in 1893 as the Rolph & Ball Furniture Company. It started manufacturing upholstered furniture. In 1901, this business was sold to four tradesmen, who then laid the foundation for Flexsteel.

    Today, Flexsteel offers high-end office furniture in the US. Every piece of furniture is hand-crafted using high-quality materials that promise lasting beauty and comfort.

    So, you can put all your trust in this brand of furniture pieces. It allows you to choose from more than 300 domestically made frames that are easily customizable to suit your personal style.

    Flexsteel sells its furniture through more than 2,500 retailers nationwide. And Jennifer Furniture is one such brand that has a strong association with Flexsteel and sells its exclusive collections in its online and offline stores.


    1. Where is Flexsteel furniture made?

    Most of the Flexsteel furniture is made in Dubuque, Iowa. This furniture company is fully vertical, which means it sources and produces its own furniture assembly parts all within the United States, especially in the Dubuque, Iowa, plant. However, it also has additional factories in Mexico and China.

    2. Is Flexsteel still made in the USA?

    Yes, Flexsteel has been in the furniture market since the 1890s, and since then, it has been making its furniture in the USA. In fact, most of its factories are in the USA. However, it also has a few plants in China and Mexico.

    3. Is Flexsteel worth the money?

    Yes, every penny spent when you purchase Flexsteel furniture is worth it. Every furniture piece is handcrafted using perfected processes, patented technology, and only high-quality materials. Since its skilled artisans deliver top-notch designs, this brand's furniture is not constrained by durability or comfort factors. There's more to it, and you will love its collections.

    4. Is Flexsteel Furniture a good brand to buy furniture for your home?

    Yes, Flexsteel Furniture is one of the top-selling furniture brands in the US. Its furniture lasts a long time since it's made only using top-quality materials and comes in various styles.

    Also, the furniture is mid-to high-price range. But the quality justifies the cost. If you are looking for furniture that doesn't age quickly, choose this brand. It's a good one!

    5. What brand is Flexsteel?

    Flexsteel is one of the top brands in the home furnishings market in the US. It offers a broad variety of residential furnishings, including handcrafted upholstered and wooden furniture products for every room in your house.

    6. Is FlexSteel high-end furniture?

    Yes, Flexsteel is one of the high-end furniture brands in the US. It produces various furniture types, including sofas, sectionals, storage chests, recliner chairs, living room sets, etc.

    7. What is special about Flexsteel furniture?

    Every furniture brand has some unique features that make them stand out. Flexsteel furniture has a signature steel spring technology. This technology has been in use for over 100 years and remains the mantra for the exceptional durability and support of the furniture.

    8. Is Flexsteel comfortable?

    Yes, Flexsteel is comfortable, thanks to its patented spring systems. It's made of quality steel that is designed to give you the perfect bounce, comfort, and support while seated.