Buy King Size Mattresses Online

Buy King Size Mattresses Online

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    Are your mattresses comfortable and spacious for you and your partner?

    If you feel like you're playing mattress leapfrog with your partner, it's time to level up with a king-size mattress.

    A king-size mattress isn't about the extra square it offers; it's an investment that will improve sleep quality for both. Plus, it provides a sense of spaciousness, luxury, and grandeur look and feel to your bedroom.

    But, it's not a one-fit solution. Not all king-size mattresses are created equal. You have got plenty of options to personalize your sleep.

    Looking for ultimate softness and luxurious comfort? You have got one! Looking for a mattress that provides excellent spinal alignment and pressure relief? You have got one! Looking for a perfect balance of softness and support? You have got one!

    Ultimately, your comfort matters the most.

    Looking for a personalized king-size mattress? Check Jennifer Furniture's Online and offline stores. Find the perfect match for your sleep style and budget, and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day!

    FAQs For King-Size Mattresses

    1. What is a king-size hybrid mattress?

    A king-size hybrid mattress is a mattress that's made up of several layers of different materials to provide advanced comfort and support to the sleeper. This mattress promotes the emotional and physical well-being of a sleeper.

    2. How long can I expect a king-size hybrid mattress to last?

    A king-size hybrid mattress contains several layers of varied materials like foam, innerspring, etc. It can last up to 7 to 10 years. If it has reached its peak of 10 years, then it should be changed.

    3. What's the size of a king-size mattress?

    A regular king-size mattress is 6 (76 inch) feet in width and 6.5 (80 inch) feet in length. 

    4. Where can I buy the best king-size mattress?

    You can buy it anywhere you want. But, when you’re considering the best option, then Jennifer Furniture's Online store is your best option. We have plenty of varieties and brands that suit your desired comfort. Check out our long list of varieties, which vary in cost and comfort, to pick your best option.