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Don't you think that comfort is everything when we talk about furniture? After a long tiring day, nothing beats sinking onto the coziest couch and letting all your stress go away. At Jennifer Furniture, we... Don't you think that comfort is everything when we talk about furniture? After a long tiring day, nothing beats sinking onto the coziest couch and letting all your stress go away. At Jennifer Furniture, we have a chaise longue collection with chaise longue couches and chaise longue sofas to enhance your living space. Each chaise sofa is different in style, color, and fabric to suit your taste. And the best part is, you have, we've got something for everyone in our collection regardless of their home decor style. Elevate the elegance of your living space with our refined chaise designs. Explore our chaise lounge collection online at Jennifer Furniture, Shop today and order your favorite chaise lounge. Read More


    Have you ever had the urge to sit on a furniture piece and occupy it all for yourself and relax? Well, if so, get yourself the best chaise lounge chair for you. Chaise is a French word that translates into a long, reclining chair.  

    A chaise lounge comes with a back and only one armrest where you can sit and relax in a more reclined position with your legs straight and feet up and off the ground.

    It is great stylish furniture to use as a recliner to binge-watch, read books, and do office work, it can be used as a spare bed, and every other relaxing activity can be done on this all-rounder chaise furniture.

    What's fascinating is the chaise is more comfortable and can change the traditional decor tone where you usually have your sofa, chairs, and coffee table. 

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    1. Will chaise lounges go out of style?

    No, chaise lounges will never go out of style. Because it has been in the furniture trends for centuries now. Since they are single-piece furniture they can accommodate one person comfortably and can enrich the tone of the room.  

    2. Are chaise lounges comfortable?

    You can stretch your legs and feet without touching the ground and lounge on the chaise and feel sophisticated. With some adjustable settings, it can enhance comfort. For extra comfort, you can add soft cushions and throws.

    3. What is a sectional with a chaise?

    A chaise sectional is a sectional sofa where a part of it has half the normal sofa and the other half has a chaise. Similarly, a sofa with a chaise also has a sofa with a chaise present at one end.

    4. How do you sit on a chaise lounge?

    This chaise lounge is designed for people to sit in a reclined manner with their legs and feet straight up without touching the ground.

    5. Can you have a chaise corner sofa?

    Yes, if you are looking for furniture to cover the empty corner of your living room, get a chaise corner sofa. If you love to sit in the corner of your room and relax reading a book or any activity that helps you enjoy your ME time, this type of chaise will be a perfect fit. 

    Also, they are available in a wide range of different sizes. So, whether your room has a large or small corner, you can always find a corner chaise to fit it. 

    6. What are the different materials used for chaise lounges? 

    First, remember that indoor chaise lounge chair materials are different from an outdoor chaise lounge. 

    This is because outdoor chaises must be weather or moisture-resistant and durable enough to withstand the external environment. 

    So, the different materials that can be used based on where the chaise would be placed are:

    • Leather - A leather chaise lounge gives a rich look and royal comfort. It is durable and lasts long. If genuine leather seems expensive, opt for faux leather that gives a real leather feel. Also, if you want an oversized chaise lounge for your large living room, get a leather sectional with a chaise. 
    • Fabric - Various fabric materials, such as velvet, silk, linen, suede, etc. If you are looking for sofas with sleek designs, opt for this material. We can't guarantee durability, and they aren't weather-resistant. So, this material type is best for indoors. 
    • Microfiber - This material is soft, comfortable, and popular for upholstery. Like leather material, it requires less maintenance and is hypoallergenic. 

    Other materials, including wood, metal, and polyester, can be used based on your personal preferences. Chaise lounges made of these materials can be used outdoors, especially on a swimming pool deck or near a garden. 

    7. What to consider when buying chaise lounges outdoors?

    Outdoor chaise lounges are often placed near swimming pools, patio backyards, gardens, and decks around water bodies. This is why this chaise type is also called a sun lounger or pool chaise lounge or patio chaise lounge.

    If you are looking for one, check if the outdoor chaise cushions have a durable material, overall material durability, appearance, and how much maintenance is needed. Also, check if outdoor chaises come with armrests if you need one for some extra comfort.

    8. Are chaise lounge sofas modular?

    Yes, chaise lounge sofas are modular which means the chaise with sofa comes in different sections and can be arranged into any form of your choice. 

    Some chaise lounge sofas come with a simple slotting system and thumb lock screws. So, they can be easily separated into different parts and assembled. 

    9. How do you clean a chaise?

    If you are following a regular cleaning routine, you can use a brush or a light vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle to clean the chaise. 

    If in case, you spill something on it, quickly dab the stain with a dry cloth and fix it. For stubborn stains, use dish soap, vinegar, and water mixture to clean the part. 

    If it is an outdoor chaise cushion, take mild soapy water and dip a soft cloth in it and wipe the cushions and gently scrub the entire cushion surface. Then wipe off the soap solution with a lightly damp cloth and allow it to dry. 

    Note: Try out the mixture on a small area before continuing for a larger area.

    10. Do chaise lounges come with arms?

    Well, this depends because arms are optional for chaise lounges. So, you can choose between adding or not adding arms to your chaise. Since some chaises come with removable arms, you can remove them if you want to change the design environment where it is placed.

    11. What are the different types of chaise lounges?

    There are five main types of chaise lounges. They include:

    • Chair chaise lounge
    • Victorian chaise lounge
    • French chaise lounge
    • Contemporary or modern chaise lounge 
    • Bench sofa 

    12. What are the best brands to buy chaises?

    ACME, Aico, Craftmaster, Homestyles, Jennifer Italia, Klaussner, Legacy Classic Furniture, Meridian, Modern Heritage, and Rockford are some of the best brands to buy chaises. You can find all the exclusive chaise collections at a cheap price at JenniferFurniture.

    13. What to consider while buying a chaise sofa?

    Some main considerations when buying a chaise sofa are:

    Does it match your existing decor? Check if the appearance is good and whether it can fit into your place's decor correctly. 

    Measure the size and space. Usually, chaises can occupy only a considerable space. So, they can easily fit within the space. If you will be adding some extra accessories around the chaise consider that space as well.

    How do you want to use the chaise? If you will be using a chaise lounge frequently, then consider a durable material.