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      What exactly is a Chaise? Well !

      Chaise in a sofa is a two-piece sectional with either a left- or right-arm sofa and a left- or right-arm chaise. It is a stylish great furniture to use as a recliner to binge watch, read book, do office work, can be used as spare bed, and every other relaxing activity can be done on this all rounder chaise furniture.
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      Durable and super spacious sofa sectional chaise lounge at super saving deals. With sectionals as big as the 96x96 sectional sofa, or as strong, sleek and compact as the ikea packable sofa, the bona fide authentic Jennifer Furniture Chaise collection has as high quality as that of fermob, club piscine, costco, pliantes, lafuma, canadian tires, jardin and others. Our chaise are compatible with the standard sized good quality chaise sofa covers with a varying range to choose from.
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