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Did you know that your walls can contribute to interior elegance with wall arts? We often overlook the impact wall art can bring to your house and focus more than paint and wallpaper. Also, isn't... Did you know that your walls can contribute to interior elegance with wall arts? We often overlook the impact wall art can bring to your house and focus more than paint and wallpaper. Also, isn't the blank walls feel dull and boring? Nobody would want to stare at the plain surface. Wall art can bring life and energy to your surroundings and create a sense of depth and interest. Every home must have a center of attraction; wall art is the best design element to act as a focal point. It not only captures people's eyes but also talks volumes about your personality. Enough of settling for furniture alone; your walls are also important. Add a hint of character to your walls with the best-selling wall art at Jennifer Furniture. With a plethora of wall art options available at your fingertips in different colors and styles, you can find the perfect one and make your wall a captivating place. Explore and buy wall art online at Jennifer Furniture and make your blank walls into something intriguing. Read More

    We often focus on paint colors and wallpaper patterns for our walls. But do you know what can bring more vibe to our walls? Wall arts. Create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment on your walls with some amazing wall art.

    Wall art lets you express yourself and showcase your personality in your living space. Did you know that different types of art can evoke different moods and atmospheres?

    Not to mention how wall art can motivate you to think outside the box, explore ideas, etc.

    So, it's not just wall art; it's beyond that.

    Finally, you learned that blank walls are dull, uninspiring, and lack spark and personality. Well, don't worry. Visit the Jennifer Furniture online store that has some striking wall art, be it painting, photographing, sculpture, you name it.

    You can get everything at our store.

    It's time to move beyond just settling for furniture arrangements and pay attention to walls and adorn them with art that speaks to us.

    FAQs For Wall Art

    1. Where should I hang wall art in my home?

    You can hang wall art in any place in your home. Be it living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, home offices, and even bathrooms, it's your choice. But make sure to choose prominent walls or areas where the artwork can be showcased without overwhelming the space.

    2. What size artwork should I put on my wall?

    There are two types of walls in a home. One is that they are completely empty, and the other type of wall comes with architectural features such as windows, openings, doors, and fireplaces.

    Remember that each has different rules.

    Wall art hanging rules if you have large, empty walls:

    Follow the rule of thirds: Take your wall's width, divide it by three, and that number should be the minimum width of your wall decor, centered on the wall.

    For example, if your wall is just 10 feet long, your wall art must be no less than 40 inches wide. The same rule of thirds goes for height.

    Wall art hanging rules for walls with architectural features:

    For this case, use the 50/50 rule. Let's say you have a 10-foot-wide wall with a 3-foot door in the middle. You are left with 42 inches of space on each side. Now, you must choose a wall decor that's no wider than half of the available space, or 21 inches. 

    3. Is wall art expensive?

    No, it's not that wall art comes with a hefty price tag. They can range in price from affordable prints and posters to high-end original pieces by renowned artists.

    At Jennifer Furniture, we have options available to suit every budget, and you can also find unique, handmade pieces from local artists or online marketplaces.

    4. Can wall art be a good gift idea?

    Absolutely! Wall art makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, or holidays. Consider the recipient's tastes and preferences when selecting the perfect piece.