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Ever tried out sleeper sofas or sofa beds before? Have you ever come across futons? They're quite similar to sleeper sofas as they provide both seating and sleeping options but in a slightly different way.... Ever tried out sleeper sofas or sofa beds before? Have you ever come across futons? They're quite similar to sleeper sofas as they provide both seating and sleeping options but in a slightly different way. The simple folding mechanisms of futons make them an ideal choice for people with limited space and those leading busy lives. Are you interested in purchasing futons? We at Jennifer Furniture offer a fantastic range of futons for sale, including futon beds and futon couches. You can conveniently browse and order futons online by visiting Take advantage of this opportunity to buy now and enjoy the immense comfort of futons from our renowned brand. Read More

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile piece of furniture that will fit into any space, a futon is your number one choice. Futons are extremely versatile, allowing you to convert any room into a comfortable living space. They are perfect for small spaces and offer several benefits that make them a great addition to any home. 

From providing a comfortable place to sleep to an affordable solution for sitting and lounging, they are a superb investment for any home. With the right futon, you can create a cozy atmosphere in any room that everyone can enjoy. Read on to know more.


While there are many factors to consider when shopping for a futon, finding a futon that fits your space is the most important. When buying a futon, there are a few factors to consider to make sure you find the perfect one for your home. You want to find a futon that is comfortable and durable. These are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a futon:  

Comfort is an important factor to consider when buying a futon. You want to find a futon that is incredibly comfortable and provides a lounging experience that is perfect for any body type. For this, you must know a few things about the mattress and frame.

  • Futon Mattress

    If you are looking for a comfortable futon bed mattress, it is advisable to choose a lighter one. On the other hand, if you will be using the futon primarily as a bed, a heavier mattress is usually a better choice.

    The "feel" of the mattress also matters; make sure it's firm. Also, it should have good rigidity that will help maintain its shape at the edges. Finally, the flexibility of the futon mattress is a crucial factor to consider if you frequently need to fold it from sofa to bed and vice versa. 

    • Futon Mattress Sizes

    When you buy a futon sofa, it comes in standard bed sizes. But it is also essential to know that futon mattresses come in various other sizes, namely, Twin, Full, Queen, California King, and Eastern King. Let's see the size of these mattresses: Twin: 39” x 75”; Twin XL: 39" x 79"; Full: 54" x 75"; Queen: 60" x 80"; Cal King: 72" x 84"; and Eastern King: 76" x 80".

    • Futon Frame

    Knowing about the futon frame will help you figure out which one is right for your needs. One of the most important things is to know that the width of the frame is always more than the width of the mattress, so it’s necessary to measure your space before choosing a frame. 

    • Futon Frame Sizes
    1. Double Size Futon Frames - 41" to 50.5" wide. They are about the size of a chair that converts into a small futon.
    2. Full-Size Futon Frame - 76.5 inches to 87 inches wide. They are about the size of a two-seater sofa/loveseat. 
    3. Queen Size Futon Frames - 82 inches to 91.5 inches wide. They are about the size of a couch.
    4. King Futon Frames - 76" to 80" inches wide. They are about the size of a standard bed.
      • Futon Frame Materials

      Three main materials are mainly used in a futon frame:

      1. For a traditional look, you can opt for a wooden frame.
      2. For a modern and minimalist look, you can opt for a metal frame.
      3. For a modern yet traditional look, you can opt for a full leather futon that does not require a separate frame.


        Caring for a futon is easy and only requires a few steps. You should ensure that the futon is regularly cleaned and cared for. You can vacuum the futon to remove loose dirt and debris. You can also spot-clean the futon with a damp cloth. Once a year, you must clean the futon by following these steps:

        • Remove all loose dirt and debris.
        • Vacuum the mattress.
        • Wash the futon cover in the washing machine with cold water and mild detergent. (Or as per the instructions) You can tumble dry the futon cover on low heat or line dry it in the sun.
        • Use a dry brush to remove loose dirt and debris from the frame.
        • Clean the frame of the futon with a damp cloth and mild detergent. 
        • Let the cover and the frame dry completely before putting the futon back together.

        *Always read the instruction manual carefully.


        Futon helps declutter your room. Besides being incredibly stylish and flexible, futons also offer a variety of benefits that make them a great investment for your home. Some of the most notable benefits include:

        • Affordability: Futons are an economical alternative for seating and reclining, making them ideal for those with a restricted budget. You can effortlessly create a pleasant sitting and relaxation space in any room with a futon. Investing in a futon is a beneficial decision. They enable you to achieve two goals with one purchase, meaning you don't need to purchase a separate bed or couch for your house, making them a great bargain.
        • Versatile seating: Futons are a versatile seating option that can be used as a couch, sofa, or lounger. You can create an inviting seating area in any room with a futon. You can easily transform it into a lounger while watching television, a sofa when you have guests over, and a bed in case they decide to stay.
        • A great space-saving solution: Futons are a great solution for small spaces as you can easily fold them up when not in use. They come in various sizes, allowing you to use them in any room to create more seating or lounging space. They also help turn a small room into a comfortable living space by eliminating the need for a bed. This way, you have more freedom of movement.
        • Perfect for shared spaces: If you are someone who is living in a shared apartment and tired of adjusting, then futons are for you. They meet the needs of a couch and a bed, so you no longer have to compromise. They are also a popular choice in dormitories and common areas because they fold easily and are light enough to be moved around.
        • Elevate the look of your home: With its comfortable and modern look, the futon will add visual appeal to your space. You can use it as a sofa and pair it with ottomans and accent chairs to complete the look of your home. In an emergency, use it as a bed without hesitation.


        1. What Is A Futon Bed?

        Futons are traditionally Japanese in origin but have been adopted by many other cultures around the world. A futon is a Japanese term for a type of bed typically made of foldable cushions or thick mattresses. These beds are commonly used in Japanese homes, but now they are used worldwide in different variants.

        2. Are Futons Ok To Sleep On?

        Yes. You can easily sleep on a futon every night. Futon beds are popular because they are comfortable and supportive. They are also good for people with back pain, relaxing your body and providing a good night's sleep.

        3. Why Do People Buy Futons?

        People use futons for their many benefits. First of all, they are much more comfortable and easier to clean. They are convenient to use and light in weight, making them easy to move. They also help create an extra bed in your bedroom or living room. And finally, people use them as an extra seat in their homes.

        4. Are Futons Better Than Sofa Beds?

        Both futons and sofa beds have their benefits. The purchase depends entirely on your own choice and requirements. If we compare the two, futons are lighter and easy to clean, maintain and use.

        They are much more flexible than sofa beds. But if you want the feeling of a solid bed, you can opt for a sofa bed.

        5. Can Futon Be Washed?

        Washing the futon is not a good idea. It ruins the quality of the mattress and can also cause mold due to moisture. It is always better to use a futon cover over your mattress. Wash the cover and vacuum the mattress every time you want to clean it. For stains, use a damp cloth and mild detergent. Blot off excess water and allow your mattress to air dry.

        6. Where To Buy A Futon Near Me?

        You can buy a futon from Jennifer Furniture stores near you, namely Patchogue Outlet Store, NY, USA; Paramus Designer Gallery, Paramus, NJ, US; Carle Place Designer Gallery, NY, USA; and Farmingdale Designer Gallery, NY, USA. or visit to shop online.

        7. How Long Is A Futon?

        The length of a futon can range from 72 to 84 inches, depending on the design. Some of them are mentioned below:

        • Double Futon: 39" x 75"
        • Twin XL Futon: 39" x 79"
        • Full Futon: 54" x 75"
        • Full XL Futon: 54" x 79"
        • Queen Futon: 60" x 80"
        • Cal King Futon: 72" x 84"
        • Eater King Futon: 76" x 80"

        8. How Much Weight Can A Futon Hold?

        Depending on the design and material, a futon can support a weight of 200 to 600 lbs.

        9. How To Make Futon More Comfortable?

        Futons are often paired with a mattress to create a comfortable bed or lounger that can be easily stored away when not in use. You can also accessorize your futon with throws, blankets, comforters, and pillows for extra comfiness.

        10. Two Or Three-Seat Futon Sofa Bed: Which Frame Do I Choose?

        To choose the futon's frame, start by measuring your space and then check the futon's dimensions. Also, the number of seats depends on your needs and budget. Choose the frame with your set of requirements in mind.

        11. Which Futon Mattress Thickness Should I Choose?

        Futon mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 4 to 12 inches. A mattress over 6 inches is recommended for a comfortable experience. The best thickness would be 8 inches.

        12. Which Futon Cover Material Should I Choose?

        There are a variety of futon covers to choose from. You can go for cotton covers, wool covers, linen covers, hemp covers, microfiber covers, chenille covers, velvet covers, or weather-proof covers.

        13. Can I Clean My Futon Sofa Bed Mattress?

        Yes, you can. Use a vacuum cleaner for dirt and debris. For stains, use a damp washcloth and mild detergent, if required, and let it air dry.