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Are you tired of having to manually adjust your recliner sofa to find the ideal reclining position? We have the ideal answer for you. The best option for your living room is a power reclining... Are you tired of having to manually adjust your recliner sofa to find the ideal reclining position? We have the ideal answer for you. The best option for your living room is a power reclining sofa from Jennifer Furniture since we offer convenience, comfort, and style all in one. Imagine how fantastic it would be to recline just by pressing a button and resting into the perfect position while reading, napping, or watching TV. You can quickly discover the ideal level of comfort and relaxation with our motion recliner couch. With their flawless reclining experience, these electric recliner sofas let you relax without any worry. Discover our collection of power reclining sofas online at and shop and order with ease. Buy the best power recliner sofa and enjoy your relaxation time even more. Read More
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These days people are having long hectic days, so when they return home they want to be pampered with some extra comfort. If you are one of them, a power reclining sofa is what you must have on your bucket list. 

Power reclining sofas were introduced for people to experience extra luxurious comfort with the access to adjust the footrest and headrest with a push of a button.

While a power recliner makes it simple for a person to lean back and relax using a button, a power lift recliner is also a power recliner that helps in lifting you from a seated position to a standing position. This type is used by people with limited mobility to sit or stand comfortably. 

Since these sofa recliner are designed to suit a contemporary style, you get a sleeker look accompanied by a motorized system. The exciting thing is recliners can be widely used in dining chairs, loveseats, and sectionals. 

Whether you want a power recliner sofa for your house or not comes down to your personal choice. However, if you are looking for a little luxury feel from furniture, grab the best reclining sofa that fits your style, expectations, and features. 

So, now comes the question, which is the best brand for a modern power reclining sofa?

At Jennifer Furniture, you can find out the best modern recliner sofa from various reputed global brands such as Bernhardt, Coaster, ESF Italia, Flexsteel, Gio Italia, Global, Jennifer Italia, Klaussner, Leather Italia, Modern Heritage, Natuzzi, Pulaski, and Universal.

Now let's take a quick tour around the collections.

FAQs For Motion & Reclining Sofas

1. Do electric recliner sofas last longer?

Power sofa recliners or electric reclining sofa can last between 10 and 20 years on average. However, this depends on maintenance and how frequently you use it.

For instance, if you use it daily/nightly use, it can last for 7 years to 10 years and fifteen years if used as a decorative or accent piece and leather electric recliners can last for 20 years. Based on this you will know when to replace your recliner sofa. 

2. What is the difference between a motion sofa and a reclining sofa?

The main difference between a power and manual or motion reclining sofas is that one is motorized and the other one is not. With a simple push of a button, the power reclining sofa with a power headrest and footrest can be adjusted easily. But it has to be connected to a wall outlet.

Meanwhile, motion or manual sofa recliners operate with a simple mechanism where the headrest and footrest move together and must be adjusted manually.

3. Difference between 2-seat power reclining sofa VS 3-seat power reclining sofa?

As the name suggests, 2 seat power reclining sofa, also called a cuddler recliner easily accommodates two people to sit in close quarters. 3 seater power reclining sofa comes with a motorized back and footrest and can seat around 3 people and offer unmatched comfort.

So, both 2-seat and 3-seat power reclining are dual power reclining sofas which means they come with a headrest and footrest. 

4. Can you manually recline a power recliner sofas?

No, you cannot manually recline a power recliner sofa. Because the power recliner sofa comes with a motor made to do all the moving. Also, power reclining sofa sets come equipped with a backup battery that makes the seat return to its original position in case any power shortage occurs. 

5. How much does a power reclining sofa weigh?

A 3-seater power recliner sofas weighs around 350 pounds. So, if you are asked if we can move a power reclining sofa, we can safely say, that it is not possible. 

There are various factors that can easily affect the three-seat reclining sofa like size, material, and cushions used. 

6. Are power reclining sofas worth the money?

Yes, power reclining sofas are worth every penny spent. You can simply come home, take a comfortable seat, relax and enjoy the luxurious feel. Power recliners also benefit people with limited mobility or injury as they can operate them with a push of a button.

Other benefits of using a power reclining sofa are increased mobility, better circulation, power lift, power lumbar, and much more.

7. Are power reclining sofas set reliable?

Yes, power reclining sofas are reliable if you choose highly durable sofas made of quality material. In particular, a leather motion sofa lasts longer than a fabric power reclining sofa.

Besides comfort, these recliners couch provide, stretching and resting your legs provides good blood circulation. This is why manual recliners are outlived by power recliners. 

8. What should I look for in a recliner sofa?

Everyone wants to get the best recliner sofa for their home, but many miss out on the features to look for in a recliner sofa. 

The main features you must look for are ergonomics, cost, incliner mechanism, upholstery, USB port/charger, cup holders, LED light, and twin or full size. 

Overall, a good reclining sofa will sprinkle additional comfort and support you while making the room more of a cozy cocoon.

9. Is it good to sit on a motion sofa all day?

As long as the motion couch has lumbar support, you can sit on it all day. In fact, if your recliner fits your body correctly and elevates your feet above your heart level, you avail an ample number of benefits. You might also ask if it is okay to sleep on a recliner sofa every night. 

The answer is yes. It is reported that people suffering from sleep issues get a good night's sleep in a recliner than in a bed. So, if you find it comfortable, there is no harm. However, you must ensure the recliner is loaded with extra features like cushions and is easily adjustable which can keep you comfy.

10. Which fabric is best for a power recliner couch?

Among different fabric choices available, polyester wins the best fabric competition for power recliner couches due to its durable and breathable nature. You will also love its soft and comfortable nature. The best part is it is easy to clean and is less likely to harbor germs and fade slowly. 

But, how to maintain a fabric power recliner sofa? You can vacuum it on a regular basis, and service your couch cushion to keep it in natural shape, polyester material can survive a sunspot, but for other materials, choose a shady spot to avoid heat damage caused by the sun.