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If you are in search of a dedicated massage chair for yourself to calm you down after a long day, then buy one from a brand that solely focuses on manufacturing massage chairs. Cozzia is... If you are in search of a dedicated massage chair for yourself to calm you down after a long day, then buy one from a brand that solely focuses on manufacturing massage chairs. Cozzia is a good and reliable brand that has been around for more than a decade in the massage chair industry. It has earned a solid reputation by producing high-quality massage chairs with advanced features. Jennifer Furniture is a proud partner of Cozzia massage chairs. You will find a variety of models here and can buy the one that suits your requirements, including your budget. Happy shopping! Read More
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When coming home from a long day, your body might long for some massage to enter the world of relaxation. But then you feel reluctant to pull yourself to the massage centre to get a refreshing one.

It's understandable that booking regular appointments with a professional masseuse can be time-consuming, considering your busy schedule or exhaustion due to work, and it's expensive. This is why getting a massage chair is highly considered—not just a random one, but a Cozzia massage chair.


Getting a massage is good for your body. This is the main reason why you should get a massage chair. But the reason you must choose a Cozzia massage chair is that it is a reputed brand that has incorporated advanced features. 

Regular massages from this chair can help relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and soreness, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation and overall well-being.

In fact, with a Cozzia massage chair, you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your home whenever you want. Also, these chairs are designed to simulate a variety of massage techniques, from shiatsu to Swedish massage, using rollers, airbags, and other massage techniques to target specific areas of the body.

What makes them different from a human masseuse is that they come with zero-gravity positioning and heat therapy. So Cozzia massage chairs can offer a more comprehensive and relaxing massage experience than you could ever get from a human masseuse.

Below, we have presented the frequently asked questions about Cozzia massage chairs. Continue reading and get your burning questions answered.


1. Is the Cozzia massage chair good for everyday use?

No, it is not recommended to use the Cozzia massage chair for everyday use. Not only this brand but in general, you also must not use a massage chair daily because overdoing it may cause your muscle groups to be overworked or harmed accidentally. If you want to make use of your investment every other day, consider using a massage chair no more than 3 to 4 times per week.

2. What are the different features of Cozzia massage chairs?

Cozzia is a brand of massage chairs with a wide range of features designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage experience. Some of the critical features you may find in a Cozzia massage chair include:

Multiple massage techniques: Cozzia massage chairs often come with various massage techniques, including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling, and more. This allows you to customize the massage based on your needs and preferences.

Zero gravity recline: Many Cozzia massage chairs offer a zero-gravity recline feature, which places you in a position that distributes your weight evenly across the chair. This can help reduce pressure on the spine and increase relaxation.

Heat therapy: Some Cozzia massage chair models have built-in heat therapy, which can help soothe aching muscles and enhance blood flow.

Air compression massage: These massage chairs often feature airbags that provide a compression massage to the legs, arms, and other parts of the body. This can help improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Adjustable intensity: Cozzia massage chairs allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage, giving you greater control over the pressure and speed of the massage.

Bluetooth Connectivity: How about streaming your favorite music or other audio while you relax on a massage chair? Since Cozzia massage chairs come with Bluetooth connectivity, this is possible.

Body Scanning Technology: Many Cozzia massage chairs feature body scanning technology, which uses sensors to identify your body shape and customize the massage accordingly.

3. How much does a Cozzia massage chair weigh?

Cozzia massage chair comes in different models. So the weight differs for each model. However, on average, the Cozzia massage chair weighs 276 lbs.

4. Do Cozzia massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

No, the electrical power consumption of Cozzia massage chairs is less than the computer you use. Since massage chairs are meant to be used only a few hours a week, power consumption won't be much.

5. Are Cozzia massage chairs good?

Yes, Cozzia massage chairs are good and can be trusted because this brand produces good and reliable products. 

In particular, Cozzia massage chairs are embedded with multiple features such as multiple massage techniques, heat therapy, adjustable intensity, zero-gravity positioning and much more. Since they are designed with user-friendly controls, you can reap maximum comfort.

6. What is Cozzia 4D?

Cozzia 4D refers to a massage chair technology used in certain models of Cozzia massage chairs. In the 4D massage, the rollers can speed up or slow down automatically on your tense muscles. The best part is you don't have to adjust with a remote.

7. What are the things to keep in mind when choosing a massage chair?

When choosing a Cozzia massage chair, several factors must be considered to ensure you select the right chair for your needs. 

Here are some of the key factors to check:

What are the massage techniques it offers? 

Look for a chair that offers the techniques you prefer or need for specific body areas.

Can you adjust the intensity?

Some massage chairs have pre-set intensity levels, while others offer customizable options. Either way, a massage chair must allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage to your liking.

What is the body coverage?

Some Cozzia massage chairs focus on the back, neck, and shoulders, while others can provide a full-body massage, including the legs, arms, and feet. First, consider which areas of your body you want the massage chair to target.

Is it comfortable?

This is a significant factor. Make sure that the massage chair you choose is comfortable to sit in for an extended period. Check if the chair has padding and support where you need it and can accommodate your height and weight.

What are the extra features? 

It is important to consider additional features like heat therapy, zero gravity recline, air compression massage, Bluetooth connectivity, and body scanning technology.

What is your budget?

Determine your budget and look for a chair with the needed features within your price range.

Does the Cozzia massage chair come with a warranty?

Look for a massage chair with a warranty, and ensure that the company provides adequate support and customer service.

8. Is Cozzia a good brand?

Yes, Cozzia is a good and reliable brand that has been around for more than one decade in the massage chair industry. In fact, it has earned a solid place by producing high-quality massage chairs with advanced features. So it consistently remains competitive with higher-cost brands and provides value for your investment.

9. Can I sit in a Cozzia massage chair all day?

Sitting in a Cozzia massage chair will not give you extra benefits. Some wrongly assume their muscles will get extra relaxed when sitting for an extra hour. But the truth is you will benefit only when you get a massage in short intervals rather than for extended hours.

10. How long is the Cozzia warranty?

Cozzia's massage chairs come with a warranty. The massaging motion upholstery and the home theatre massage seating come with a one-year in-home service warranty. Whereas the parts come with two-year parts.