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Are you looking to buy high-quality genuine leather furniture made in America? Then your search ends at American Leather. In 1990, American Leather was founded with a vision to offer highly customized, genuine leather furniture... Are you looking to buy high-quality genuine leather furniture made in America? Then your search ends at American Leather. In 1990, American Leather was founded with a vision to offer highly customized, genuine leather furniture to its customers and get it delivered three times faster than the industry average at the time. Today, it has not only succeeded in its vision but also stands as a solid symbol for providing durable, sustainable materials. With over 350 custom fabric and leather options, along with unique frame designs, you have endless options to choose from. If you are looking for furniture that will last a lifetime, American Leather furniture is the best option. Because every piece is crafted with generations of use in mind and isn't going to wear out like lesser-made furniture. Have you made up your mind to buy American Leather furniture? Check out the collections at Jennifer Furniture, your one-stop haven for extraordinary furnishing solutions that will make you excited. Read More

    About American Leather Furniture,

    In 1990, American Leather wanted to create the best custom furniture and deliver it to their customers in 30 days or less. Today, we can say that it has succeeded in its mission.

    Currently, this furniture company has a team of over 500 people in Dallas, Texas. And they use the latest technology to ensure their furniture has two main things: top-notch quality and gives a world-class feel.

    If you want furniture that will last longer while being in good shape, then we can proudly recommend American Leather. With endless customization options, you can get the furniture with the material and color you want. Since the frames and suspensions come with lifetime warranties, you can count on the quality.

    Long story short, you don't have to compromise on quality—your dream sofa in your favorite color and material or any piece of furniture. American Leather has got your back. It sells its furniture through furniture retailers, and Jennifer Furniture is one such retailer that has some hot-selling collections in its online and offline stores.


    1. Is American Leather legit?

    Yes, the American Leather Furniture brand is legit. With over 30 years of experience in the furniture-making industry, it has grown into one of the largest domestic US-based leather manufacturers. It generates over $50 million in sales annually and has a fan following for its leather. This points out the legitimacy of this business.

    2. Is American Leather Furniture a good brand?

    Yes, American Leather Furniture is a good brand. In fact, your investment is worth it if you choose this brand. Because finding genuine leather isn't easy, and this brand strictly uses only genuine leather.

    Also, its furniture is durable and made of sustainable materials, and customization options are available. So, who is American Leather for? It's for anyone looking for furniture that will last a lifetime.

    3. Does the American Leather Company use real leather for their furniture?

    Yes, American Leather uses only real leather handpicked from the world's top 10% of hides. So, if you are looking for genuine leather furniture online, you can trust and invest in this brand.

    4. What kind of leather does American Leather use?

    American Leather uses leather from the top 10% of hides worldwide. It is tied with the world's talented tanneries, and highly skilled leather artisans prepare the leather for manufacturing.

    5. Why is American leather furniture so expensive?

    American leather furniture is expensive because it's one of the most luxurious brands worldwide and is handmade using high-quality materials. Also, it uses only genuine leather, which means it can bear all the wear and tear and last long. Hence the price.

    6. What makes American Leather unique?

    American Leather is a USA furniture brand. What makes it unique is that it uses European upholstery methods, universal webbed suspension seating, cellular manufacturing, fully recyclable cushions, leather that uses water-based pigments, and many more things.

    7. What sort of warranty does American Leather offer?

    American Leather products come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension.

    8. Why should you buy American Leather at Jennifer Furniture?

    Jennifer Furniture is a reputed furniture retailer with more than 40 years of experience in this industry. It has delivered the best furniture from top brands, including American Leather. If you want exclusive collections from this brand, visit our collections at our website.