Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2' x 3'-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-2'6" x 10'-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3'11" x 5'11"-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3'11" x 5'11"-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3'11" x 5'11"-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-3'11" x 5'11"-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-5'3" x 7'6"-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-5'3" x 7'6"-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-5'3" x 7'6"-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-5'3" x 7'6"-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-7'9" x 10'-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-7'9" x 10'-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-7'9" x 10'-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-7'9" x 10'-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8'9" x 11'10"-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8'9" x 11'10"-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8'9" x 11'10"-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-8'9" x 11'10"-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-9'6" x 13'-Ash spice-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-9'6" x 13'-Grey-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-9'6" x 13'-Earth-Jennifer Furniture
Camilla Rug-rugs-Kalaty-9'6" x 13'-Denim/grey-Jennifer Furniture

Camilla Rug

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Colors: ash spice, or denim/grey, or willow/earth, or grey tones.
Materials: silkette/polyester.
Finishes: power loom.
Dimensions (in):
2' x 3'
2'6" x 10'
3'11" x 5'11"
5'3" x 7'6"
7'9" x 10'
8'9" x 11'10"
9'6" x 13'

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