Sleeper Sofa

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      What is a Sleeper Sofa?

      A sleeper sofa is a level higher than a futon or other seater cum sleepers as it has a hidden mattress frame that comes out when you pull it out. Your sleeper sofa becomes increasingly comfortable as a sleeper with its hidden cushions and mattress. They are brilliant compact bed alternatives especially for small apartment. It also serves you as a spare guest bed for your guest room.

      What is the difference between a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed?

      Sofabeds are similar to futons which lays it's in-built cushioned surface flat to make you a sleeper, but don't really come along with a traditional mattress. But, a sofa sleeper has a whole super comfortable and supportive mattress hidden in itself. Isn't that amazing?

      Are sleeper sofas worth it? 

      Sleeper sofa is dedicated and inclined more into its sleeper personality, but as a seater / sofa it serves brilliantly as well. The perfect high quality top-notch mattress that comes along gives perfect posture alignment while sitting as well as sleeping! Moreover, a sleeper sofa is the easiest to use and is the most convenient convertible sofa.

      Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

      Of course one can sleep on a sleeper sofa type of sofabed every night. It is a brilliant bed alternative especially when you have a space crunch. The multi-purpose use of your sofa remarkably multiplies it's productivity. A good standard sleeper sofa mattress can give you lasting comfort through the night and can live up to your comfort expectations very well.

      How long should a sofa bed last?  Can you use a sleeper sofa permanently?

      Sleeper sofas and sofabeds are extremely durable. If the raw materials, upholstery, design, style, finishing and other comfort oriented factors are well taken care of, a sleeper sofa can last you more than two decades or 20+ years. 
      Memory foam mattresses add a special edge to the durability game and go a long way with you, giving you brilliant support and ultimate comfort. These factors when mingled together makes your sleeper sofa last for an eternity!

      Do Sleeper Sofas Come with Mattresses? Best mattress for sleeper sofa.

      Yes, a sleeper sofa comes with a mattress. Sleeper sofas become very comfortable and extra supportive mainly because of the mattress. A mattress can give the extra edge of spinal alignment and posture correction as well bestow the sofa with a miraculous standard of comfort. Mattresses in sleeper sofas are often hypoallergenic and made preferably out of memory foam to prevent allergic and heating issues.

      What is the most comfortable sleeper sofa? 

      Versatile sofa sleepers are just a convertibility away from being the most comfortable sleeper for you. They form great bed alternatives. There's not one single exclusive most comfortable sofa, rather it depends on some factors of your personal preferences such as - size, color, mattress plush or firm, shape, extra features like reversibility or usb support, overall appeal, use of memory foam in the mattress, etc. Buy bestselling sofa sleeper near me online to get the best comfortable sofa delivered quickly.