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Tired of storing extra mattresses for overnight guests or pulling out your traditional sofa beds? Want extra space without compromising on style? Jennifer Furniture has the best collection of sleeper sofas that will add some... Tired of storing extra mattresses for overnight guests or pulling out your traditional sofa beds? Want extra space without compromising on style? Jennifer Furniture has the best collection of sleeper sofas that will add some flair to your home while maximizing space. We have various sleeper sofas in different styles, sizes, shapes, materials, and more. We only deliver sleeper sofas from the best brands. So why wait? Visit to buy and order this quality and comfortable furniture online. And if you're on a low budget, we've got various options for you to shop with us, including deals like sleeper sofas for sale, financing, and other discounts Read More
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    FAQs For Sleeper Sofa

    1. What is a sleeper sofa?

    A sleeper is a sofa or sectional which that features a collapsible bed frame inside. When folded up, a sleeper sofa resembles a regular sofa, yet inside the sofa is a pull-out mattress that extends to accommodate overnight guests. As the leading authority on sleeper sofas and sectionals, we have the largest variety and best quality in the market.

    2. How does a sleeper sofa work?

    There are a few different mechanisms that are available in sleeper sofas. Most sofa mattresses are collapsible and have an innerspring or memory foam mattress that folds up when the bed is retracted. Other sofa beds come with an air mattress that’s inflated when the bed is pulled out.

    They can vary from the traditional rollout sleeper to a platform sleeper which would have a solid platform and a high-density memory foam mattress. We have the largest variety and best quality in the market with a style and

    3. What are the benefits of a sleeper sofa?

    Sleeper sofas provide many practical benefits in both small apartments and large houses. Space in studio apartments or small guest rooms is at a premium. Multipurpose furniture frees up space.

    Sleeper sofas are available at many price points and sizes. There are many upholstery and leather options for sleeper sofas, making it easy to match other furniture. You are even able to buy a sleeper sofa as part of a living room set.

    It's a great addition to any space and has so many benefits whether it's friends or family coming to stay over, or college kids coming home for break it will give them a comfortable night's sleep.

    4. What are the different types of sleeper sofas available?

    There are a lot of different options for sleeper sofas. They can go from very basic futons to traditional sleepers with a variety of mattress options to even a platform sleeper.

    While the futons are clearly sleepers, the other options are well hidden inside our wide variety of beautifully designed sofas and sectionals.


    5. What should I consider when choosing a sleeper sofa?

    When choosing a sleeper sofa start with the footprint you would like it to have in the room.

    Figure out the dimensions that you would like it to have and find a sofa or sectional that will fit your space.

    Then decide how you will be using it, whether it is mostly for sitting if it's for an occasional guest, or for friends or family to stay for a longer period of time.

    If it is for kids to have friends stay over or for parents or grandparents.

    These things are all very important to consider and we have a large variety of sleepers that will be appropriate for each scenario.

    6. Can a sleeper sofa be as comfortable as a regular bed?

    Yes, especially our platform sleepers and air coil mattresses.

    The platform sleepers have a solid platform with a memory foam mattress attached so it will feel like a regular firm mattress and an air coil mattress has a built-in attached air mattress on top of the mattress so that you can adjust the firmness to accommodate your preferred firmness.


    7. What are the most common sizes for a sleeper sofa?

    The most common sizes for sleeper sofas are full and queen, but there are sleeper sofas that start as small as a cot and go as big as a king.


    8. How much does a sleeper sofa cost?

    Sleeper sofas come in a wide range of prices. They start at about $479 and can go as high as your budget will allow. We have fabric leather modular and freestanding so costs will vary widely.


    9. What kind of mattress is used in a sleeper sofa?

    You can choose any mattress sleepers with a memory foam or gel memory foam mattress, or traditional sleepers with either Innerspring, memory foam, or air coil, or the most basic futon depending on your style and budget we have something for everyone.


    10. What sleeper sofa brands are available online?

    We have sleeper sofas from Luonto, American Leather, Klaussner, Craftmaster, Universal, Modern Heritage, Jennifer Italia, Nicoletti, and many more.

    We work with all of the top brands in the industry to bring our customers a curated collection of the best each has to offer.