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Are you tired of sitting on separate couches and feeling like a distant family member during movie nights? Well, fret no more because sectional sofas are here to bridge that gap. Their modular design helps... Are you tired of sitting on separate couches and feeling like a distant family member during movie nights? Well, fret no more because sectional sofas are here to bridge that gap. Their modular design helps you customize and rearrange the sections to fit your specific space and needs. Though sectional sofas are available in a vast array of styles, colors, and materials, getting your hands on the best one online can pose a challenge. Visit Jennifer Furniture, a reliable furniture retailer that has tied up with multiple top furniture brands and offers the best sectional sofas for your space. If you are looking to spice up your living room by upgrading your sofa, don't get the traditional sofa. Instead, get the sectional couch that lights up the place. Check out the deals and offers at Jennifer Furniture, and order the best sectional sofa today! Read More
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    Sectional Sofa

    Be it for movie evenings or holiday festivities, anyone who spends most of their time in the living room must invest in the best sectional sofa.

    A sectional sofa with a chaise provides extra space to spread out for the ideal relaxing experience. So, they can comfortably fit the entire family, with ample space to cuddle up with numerous people. 

    But, sectionals are available in different sizes, such as mini sectional sofas, oversized sectional sofas, apartment size sectional sofas, etc., so they cannot be branded as a piece of furniture that only fits a large living room.

    Anyone who is looking for comfort, like a bed in terms of space, would appreciate the additional snug space of a sectional.

    Besides this, sectionals offer you the flexibility to change your room layout if in case you want to brush up on the old decor. So, there are myriads of reasons why you should buy a sectional. 

    At Jennifer Furniture, we try to give you various choices for sectional sofas. Our massive collection, coupled with our smart categorization, makes you understand your choices way better.

    That's why we have sectionals from the best-selling Ashley sectional sofa to Craftmaster, Coaster, and many other bestselling international brands.

    FAQs for Sectional Sofa

    1. What are the different sectional sofa sizes?

    The average sectional measures are 130 inches wide. Whereas a small sectional sofa with a two-piece or three-piece model measures 112 inches, and a large sectional couch with a four-piece or six-piece is 160 inches or wider. In terms of depth, they measure 40 inches deep.

    2. How to style a sectional sofa?

    Some exciting ways to make your sectional sofa look better are:

    • You can use size pillows on your convertible sectional. Place 24" sized pillows near the sectional sofa corner where the chaise meets the sofa. 
    • Pick the right colour pillows for your sofa.
    • Avoid using the same colour pillow twice and initially start with a plain neutral. 
    • Mix patterns and colours and spice up the room. Also, mix And match multiple sectionals.
    • Add a coffee table at the focal point.
    • Place a pair of armchairs near the sectional sofa.

    Also, check out how to arrange an L-shaped sofa living room

    3. How many pieces does the sectional sofa come in?

    There are convertible sectional sofas and customer sectional sofas. Most sectional sofas come with 3 pieces that include the corner and 2 attachments. Some extra larger sectional sofas come with sitting sections that can be detached into multiple seating. 

    It's best to check with the manufacturer or retailer of the sectional sofa to determine the exact number of pieces included with a particular model. While buying Jennifer's convertible sectional, you will get all the details about the furniture. Contact the online chat support if you have any doubts about the purchase.

    4. What are the different shapes of sectional sofas?

    The common types of sectional couches include:

    U-shaped sectionals come with a centre sofa that has an equal number of seats on both sides of the centre sofa. 

    Chaise sectionals come with a regular sofa with three seats along with a chaise attached either on the left or right side. 

    L-shaped convertible sectionals come with five or more seats with multiple cushions and a connecting seat in the middle.  

    5. Is a sectional sofa good for the living room?

    Yes, sectional sofas are good for the living room because it offers style and comfort and can accommodate more people than general sofas. 

    Sectionals can be opted for based on the size of your space. If your living room has a lot of space, opt for a large sectional sofa. You can also choose an apartment-size sectional sofa or mini-sectional sofa based on the space.

    Also, this type of sofa is truly comfortable and manufactured with strong durable materials, promising you to go a long way with years of comfortable usage.

    6. What are the types of sectional sofa fabrics?

    The types of sectional sofa fabrics you can use to upholster your sectional are cotton, polyester, nylon, suede, acrylic, vinyl, linen, and velvet. In Jennifer Furniture, you can easily find a variety of sectional sofa fabrics. 

    7. What is the advantage of the sectional sofa?

    There are various advantages to owning a sectional sofa. They are:

    Offers more seating: You don't have to buy extra chairs for your large family because sectionals can easily accommodate more people. 

    Easy to transport: Since sectionals can be separated or dismantled, you can transport them easier than traditional sofas.

    Available in a variety of options: Sectionals are available in different types, sizes, and configurations. 

    8. What factors to consider while choosing the best sectional sofa for your needs?

    While choosing the best convertible sectional sofa, consider these factors:

    How many people do you want to accommodate?

    Depending on the room's size and the number of people that will use it, the best sectional sofa comes in various sizes and seating configurations. 

    Before purchasing any furniture for your home, measure the area it will occupy and your door frame to avoid surprises on delivery day. If you are investing in a large sectional couch 

    Look for sectionals with four cushions and two chaises in a U-shaped design or a corner sectional if you have a large family or want an additional lounging area.

    What style do you prefer?

    A sectional sofa's stylemark design element is the chaise, which comes in numerous forms. Some sectionals feature a permanent chaise that can only be on one side. At the same time, others allow you to flip sides, giving you more options if you relocate or wish to reorganize your living room.

    Most comfortable sectional sofas feature one chaise, but others have two for a U-shaped design that gives bigger groups more sitting options.

    What kind of material do you want?

    While picking upholstery based on appearance is easy, it's vital to do so carefully since some varieties are simpler to clean or more suited for pets. This might impact the overall lifespan of your sectional sofa. 

    Choose stain-resistant and durable fabrics like polyester if you have a messy pet or energetic youngsters. 

    Natural materials such as cotton and linen have a flattering silhouette but are not as durable as synthetic fibers.

    While a leather sectional sofa is expensive, it is long-lasting and has a sumptuous appearance, but it is difficult to maintain and scratch-prone. 

    Before making a purchase, take advantage of Jennifer Furniture, providing complimentary fabric swatches so that you can decide which is ideal.

    What is your budget?

    While the best sectional couches' costs vary widely, purchasing a new, high-quality sofa is unquestionably an investment. Depending on the number of seats, materials, shipping cost, and other criteria, a sectional couch might cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. 

    We identified some good small designs with an offer for less than $1,000 and even some for less than $800. Adding leather materials, several chaises, and extra-deep seats will all raise the overall cost. 

    Before purchasing a nice sectional couch, numerous factors must be considered, including the feel, price, and delivery possibilities.

    Jennifer Furniture regularly tests the top couch brands for quality, so you can be assured of your purchase. Get your sectionals with the best support, comfort, ease of delivery, and more.

    9. Where can you find a high-quality sectional sofa sale near me?

    The best place for sectional couches is Jennifer Furniture. What's special about this 40-year-old furniture retailer is that they have collaborated with top furniture brands and are offering all the best collections at affordable prices.

    You will find the sectional sofas oversized, supportive, inexpensive, and comfortable enough to be used as cozy beds. They are filled with versatility and multitasking grace.

    Some of our modern sectional sofa beds have built-in sleeper beds, while other sectional sofas with chaises are flexible enough to create a spacious sleeping area.

    10. Can sectionals be stylish?

    Classic L-shaped sectional couches add grace to the corner of your living area. Also, it complements your modern home decor by bestowing your corners with utility. It's all about the compatible and graceful modern art of furniture making. 

    On the other hand, this corner fitted sofa sectional also leaves your room with quite a lot of space to be used for placing other furniture too.

    11. Do leather sectional sofa scratch easily?

    It depends. Leather sectional sofas can scratch easily, but it mainly depends on the quality, type of leather used, and how the sofa is maintained and used. 

    Generally, top-grain leather, the highest quality leather, is resistant to scratching. On the other hand, lower quality or bonded leathers are prone to scratching.

    We recommended avoiding placing sharp objects on the sofa to prevent scratches and regularly cleaning and conditioning the leather.

    12. What are the recommended brands to buy sectional sofas? 

    Some recommended brands to buy sectional sofas are Acme, Bernhardt, Coaster, Craftmaster, ESF, Flexsteel, Gio Italia, Homestyles, Jennifer Italia, KINCAID, Luonto, Magnussen, Meridian, Modern Heritage, Natuzzi, ROWE, and Universal. You can find all exclusive convertibles at Jennifer Furniture at a discounted price.

    13. How long does a sectional couch typically last?

    A good quality sectional sofa that is properly cared for can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or even longer. Leather sectional sofas, for example, can last longer than fabric ones with proper care.

    It's important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. And most importantly, if you want a long-lasting couch, avoid exposing the sectional sofa to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 

    14. Is Jennifer Convertibles still in business?

    Yes, Jennifer Convertibles is still in business, but it has rebranded itself as Jennifer Furniture.

    15. What is the most comfortable U-shaped sectional?

    The most comfortable U-shaped sectional is Cuddle Chaise Sectional by Craftmaster. This is a 5-seater sectional that comes with 3 toss pillows and 2 kidney pillows, offering ample comfort. You can find other U-shaped sectional couch collections here.

    16. Can we move a sectional sofa around, or must it stay in one place?

    Yes, sectional sofas can be moved to different areas or rooms altogether. Since sectional sofas comprise multiple pieces, they can be taken apart and reconfigured to fit other spaces or arrangements. 

    However, depending on the size and weight of the sofa, it may require multiple people to move it safely and without damaging it or the surrounding furniture.

    Additionally, some sectional sofas may be more difficult to move due to their design or the materials used, so it's essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use caution when moving them.