Furniture Floor Sample Sale in Paramus

Furniture Floor Sample Sale in Paramus

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    Furniture Floor Sample Sale in Paramus

    Are you ready to hit the jackpot at a furniture sale? Well, every sale is such a thing, is that what you say? Hear us out. You are investing in top-notch furniture without breaking the bank in this "floor sample furniture sale" at Jennifer Furniture.

    Since these furniture pieces that are on display have barely been used, you are getting almost new quality at a sweet discount of up to 80%. You can simply come straight to the store, check the furniture by yourself and then decide whether or not to bring them to your home.

    The benefit list isn't over. You get your hands on unique or limited-edition furniture that may not be available anymore. So, it's like treasure hunting, where you get the chance to invest in some exclusive pieces.

    The cherry on top? You can get the furniture delivered ASAP. Yes, no more hiccups about late delivery or the need to wait for delivery.  The floor sample furniture sale saves you time and money, giving you a win-win situation.

    We also know you are excited and intrigued about this sale, and you may have some burning questions. Keep scrolling to the FAQs!!


    1. What Is Floor Sample Furniture Sold At Jennifer Furniture Paramus Location? Is it Worth It?

    Floor sample furniture are those furniture pieces that have been on display in the showroom. These pieces of furniture are showcased to give customers a feel for the furniture's look and quality. They may have been handled by customers, but they are generally in excellent condition. So, investing in floor sample furniture is often a good move, as it comes with significant discounts and makes high-quality pieces more affordable.

    2. Is Floor Sample Furniture At The Paramus Store In Good Condition?

    Yes, you can count on the quality of our floor sample furniture at the Paramus store. While these items may have minor imperfections from being on display for a while, they are well-maintained and fully functional. We recommend visiting in person to test out the furniture for high satisfaction.

    3. Can I Hold Or Reserve Floor Sample Furniture At The Paramus Store?

    Currently, we don't have such options at our store in Paramus due to the high demand and limited availability. So, this sale goes on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend you act quickly and grab something that suits your preferences.

    4. What Types Of Furniture Are Available As Floor Samples At The Paramus Store?

    You can find a wide range of floor sample furniture from top brands at the Paramus store. From living room sets, dining tables, bedroom furniture, sofas, chairs, and more, you can find some amazing furniture in good condition.

    5. How Much Can I Save On Floor Sample Furniture Sold At The Jennifer Furniture Paramus Store?

    Savings on floor sample furniture at the Jennifer Furniture Paramus store are huge because the discounts range from 20% to 50% off the original retail price. This can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings. So you can furnish your home with quality pieces without breaking the bank.

    6. Can I Negotiate The Price Of Floor Sample Furniture At The Paramus Store?

    No, we have already given the floor sample piece a big discount. However, you can discuss this with our store manager to see if any additional discounts can be applied.

    7. Is Delivery Available For Floor Sample Furniture Purchased At The Paramus Store?

    Yes, delivery is usually available for floor sample furniture purchased at the Paramus store. Delivery terms and fees may vary. So it's best to check with the store about the available options. Also, you can expect same-day delivery or as soon as you can buy furniture that's already available.

    8. Can I Return Or Exchange Floor Sample Items Sold At  Jennifer Furniture’s Paramus Location?

    At Jennifer Furniture, we follow a strict "final sale" policy for floor sample items, meaning they cannot be returned or exchanged. This is because these items are sold at a significant discount and may have minor imperfections due to being on display. So, we underscore the importance of carefully inspecting any floor sample item before purchasing it to ensure you're satisfied with its condition.