7 Exciting Ideas on How To Arrange L-shaped Sofa In Living Room

7 Exciting Ideas on How To Arrange L-shaped Sofa In Living Room



Finally, you have on boarded a gorgeous and luxurious-looking L-shaped sofa for your living room. Kudos! Now, you want some ideas on how to arrange L-shaped sofas, right?

Knowing how to place an L-shaped sofa correctly is more important.

Because your L-shaped sofa grabs attention and is the living room's centerpiece. Additionally, your furniture will speak of a happy home where people come and sit together to relax and have fun. 

Arranging your L-shaped sofas in your living room is pretty simple, especially if it's a sectional sofa type. It allows you to create your own configuration and move around separate sections to suit your decorating style. 

You will find seven interesting ideas on how to arrange L-shaped sofas in your living room. Let’s learn about it now.


The L-shaped sofa is a champion in balancing both comfort and style. But, arranging it in the right order is essential to set the living room mood. Now, take a look at the below-given ideas on arranging the L-shape sofa. 

1. Corner pocket it and save space

Corner pocketing L shaped sofa

If you have a long sectional sofa, place it in a corner pocket. Whether you have a small living room or a comfortably large room, pushing your L-shaped to the corner of the room is another best idea. 

Because when you move it to a corner, you create a dedicated lounge in an open-concept space. Besides, a corner pocket is one of the best-suited small living room sectional layout ideas because you can enjoy more space for socializing.

2. How about placing it against the window wall?

Placing L shaped sofa against window

Do you love enjoying the morning sun warmth sitting near the window of your living room? Then, why not place the L-shaped sectional sofa against the window wall?

This setup even creates an exciting spot for reading or just relaxing lying on the sofa. In terms of ambiance, the natural light entering the room gives a serene look, and we are sure you will love it.

3. The intimate circle for some extra cozy

placing L shaped sofa in intimate circle

Sitting close with your buddies in a circle, chatting the never-ending stories, or watching your favorite movie is a blissful way to spend your weekend. You can create a circle with your L-shaped sofa by adding an armchair.

Place the armchair facing the vertical section of your sofa to create this. Add one or two coffee tables at the center of the circle to spice up the setup. Overall, this effect is sure to make you snuggle next to your loved ones.

4. The back wall corner idea is also best for saving space

placing l shaped sofa at back wall corner

A huge L-shaped sofa doesn't have to look large. Well, what we mean is by placing the large L-shaped sofa along the back wall, you get a lot of seating in your living room. Thus it leaves space to roam around or to add other things to the room. In fact, if the sofa's color blends with the color theme of the room, visually, it would look like there is more space.

Overall, this L-shaped sofa layout suits an open-plan room and affords maximum functionality.

5. Did you think about placing the sofa in the center?

placing L shaped sofa in Centre

If you have a big area, you must know how to arrange an L-shaped living room by default. Yes, place it in the center of the large room.

Even after placing the sofa in the room, if there is extra room, place additional seating such as large armchairs, coffee tables, etc. If you have a fireplace in your living room, place the large L-shaped sectional sofa facing it and get a warm and cozy arrangement.

6. How about using the L-shaped sofa as a separator?

L-shaped sofa as a separator

Did you know that L-shaped sofas can be used as room separators? Yes, you can separate the dining space and living room using the L-shaped sofa. So, you have a space to lounge in, and the other half can be used to dine in.

In case the L-shaped sofa has a low back or no back at all, the split can be softened between the two parts of the room.

7. Form a nestled family square

nestled family square l shaped sofa placing

We think forming a family square is one of the best L-shaped sectional sofa living room ideas. These days modern sectionals have a perfect angle. So, placing the sofa into one corner can make it a square.

To complete the square shape, you can add the other furniture in the opposite and sideways.

Like everything else in the room, your living room L-shaped sofa will tell a story or a testimony about the owner's personality. This is why choosing the best L-shaped sofa that is stylish yet functional is crucial.


1. Recliner

Recliner L-shaped sofa

This L-shaped sofa recliner style has a recliner seat at both ends of the "L." This makes them great for couples and suits the home theatre ambiance for movie night.

2. Sectional 

This style makes the arranging part easy because the sofa can be divided into sectional units and can be made to fit. Additionally, this style comes with additional flat ottomans to create a larger seating space. 

3. Cushion-backed sofas

Cushion-backed L-shaped sofas

This L-shaped sofa style comes with back support on both sides of L and is ideal for a small room that demands comfortable seating. The L-shaped sofa can easily allow six to seven people to sit on it, whereas the regular three-seater and two-seater sofa set can only accommodate two or three. 

4. Classic couch

If you find back-to-support only on the longer side of the L, along with a chaise at the other end, that's perfect for lounging on. 

5. Sofa beds

Sofa beds

If you dwell in a small apartment, this L-shaped sofa bed for a small living room is the best. This style is heavier than normal L-shaped sofas but occupies only a little space and can also use as a bed.

So L-shaped sofas are of different styles. Despite its style, you can still use the above-given ideas and arrange them perfectly in your living room.


Planning for the ideal sectional sofa living room layout can seem daunting. But if you try out the ideas given above and add your creativity to decorating the room, you will come up with more appealing decor.

Since there are an array of options to style this L-shaped sofa, it has become a popular choice among homeowners. 

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