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Are you furnishing your house and looking for affordable pieces to elevate the vibe and comfort? Take a look at Global Furniture Collection. With roots dating back to 1966, this brand has a solid vision... Are you furnishing your house and looking for affordable pieces to elevate the vibe and comfort? Take a look at Global Furniture Collection. With roots dating back to 1966, this brand has a solid vision for crafting top-notch office furniture without breaking the bank. You can rely on it since Global Furniture Group has laid its foundation on excellence, affordability, and trust. Check out their exclusive collections at Jennifer Furniture. Choosing Jennifer Furniture as your go-to destination for all your furnishing needs promises a genuinely exceptional and satisfying experience. You can find affordable Global Furniture collections listed on our site. Visit it and grab the best. Read More
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    So, imagine the furniture world back in the late 20th century, specifically in 1999. That's when Alex Vaysman founded Global Furniture USA. It wasn't just another furniture company. It was aiming for the global stage right from the start. The name gives it away, right?

    Global Furniture USA is one of the top importers and distributors of fine home furnishings in the US. It mainly focuses on the wholesale market, directly imports goods, works with many of the US's top retailers, and sells them.

    Till now, they have kept evolving, introducing new collections, staying on top of design trends, and fulfilling the ever-changing needs of their customers. Jennifer Furniture is an authorized retailer of Global Furniture USA, and you can find all their latest collections here.

    Global Furniture FAQs

    1. What makes Global Furniture unique?

    Global Furniture USA distinguishes itself through several unique features.

    • Bulk ordering and cost advantage: The ability to buy in large quantities at advantageous prices due to bulk ordering
    • Expertise in Material Procurement: A skilled manufacturing staff in Asia with expertise and relationships to procure top-quality materials at the lowest prices
    • Flexibility to Retail Clients: Exceptional flexibility to retail clients, including bridge pricing and mixed containers across Asia facilities, with very low minimum order quantity requirements.
    • Inventory Management: Extra inventory and safety-level stock are available for direct container buyers.
    • Exclusive Manufacturing Relationships: Exclusive manufacturing relationships across Asia and South America
    • Attention to Detail and Quality Control: A high level of attention to detail surrounds product development and quality control.
    • On-Time Delivery: An unsurpassed record of on-time delivery

        2. Why should you buy Global Furniture at Jennifer Furniture?

        Jennifer Furniture sells Global Furniture furniture, provides discounts, and offers up to 50% off on most of its furniture. Moreover, at Jenifer Furniture, you get great customer service and loads of options to choose from and compare. This way, you become more confident and assured of your purchase, along with relaxation in your pockets and more benefits.

        3. How long has Global Furniture been in business?

        Global Furniture USA was founded in 1999, and hence, the company has been in business for over 25 years. For a company that has been in business for more than two decades, it has been standing strong and has created its position in the market and amongst its competitors.

        4. Are Global Furniture sofas any good?

        Global Furniture has been a great furniture brand for the past decades and has been ensuring its quality products forever. The sofas are a perfect mixture of quality and design, which makes them quite a good choice for customers.

        5. Is Global Furniture worth the money?

        The value of Global Furniture products depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the specific needs of customers. Though the combination that Global Furniture provides is indeed value, flexibility, and customer service, which makes the furniture from here definitely worth the money, considering product quality, design preferences, and customer reviews, Global Furniture is a good choice for more value for less money.