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    About Plush Mattresses,

    When you think of the word plush, your mind automatically thinks of sinking into a cloud, isn't it?

    A plush or soft mattress is cushiony, which means it has a minimal firmness scale that allows you to sink in when you lie down. Many people love the way this mattress type allows your body to cradle in comfort and fluffiness.

    If you are someone suffering from joint and muscle pain, a plush mattress is worth giving a try. The softer mattresses contour around your body and allow your spine and joints to relax. They also relieve pain in your shoulders, hips, and neck, especially if you are a side sleeper.

    But does a plush mattress, which sounds luxurious and comfortable, suit every individual? A plush mattress is best for side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds and some back sleepers.

    What does a good Jennifer Comfort Heaven plush mattress do? Our mattresses aren't like the usual simple and plain plush ones. Rather, they are gel-infused or copper-gel-infused, which provides plushness and support.

    If you are tired of using regular plush mattresses and looking for a change, take a look at our mattress collections.

    Plush Mattress FAQs

    1. Is It Good To Sleep On A Plush Mattress?

    Yes, a plush mattress is good to sleep on. If you are seeking a soft, cushiony mattress that provides enough support to relieve pressure points, this one is good to go. Also, it offers improved spinal alignment and provides pain relief for people suffering from joint, shoulder, or hip pains.

    2. Who Are Plush Mattresses Best For?

    Plush mattresses are best for side sleepers, back sleepers, and people weighing under 130 pounds. It especially provides side sleepers who need pressure relief for their shoulders and hips, and this type satisfies the need.

    3. What Are The Disadvantages Of A Plush Mattress?

    Though plushness is celebrated for its comfortable sleeping surface, it might not be the right mattress for sleepers with heavier body types. Because overweight people might sink into the mattress, which causes discomfort and greatly affects the spinal and back support.

    4. Is A Plush Mattress Good For Your Back?

    Yes, a plush mattress suits individuals who struggle with back and hip pain. Since they are usually 12 to 14 inches, they let your body sink into them and take pressure off the body joints.

    5. How Long Do Plush Mattresses Last?

    Though this depends on the brand, model, and how you use it, on average, plush mattresses last for about 7 to 10 years. If it's a low-quality plush mattress, it might lose its bounce and cushioning sooner than firm mattresses.

    6. What Is Better, Firm Or Plush?

    This largely depends on your sleeping position. If you are a side sleeper, plush mattresses are the best, and if you are a stomach sleeper, you feel the best on a firmer bed.

    7. What's Special About The Jennifer Comfort Heaven Plush Mattress?

    Jennifer Comfort Heaven Plush Mattress offers more support than usual with its gel-infused or copper-infused technology. The gel distributes the heat evenly throughout the mattress and promotes a cooler surface to sleep on. Meanwhile, the copper and gel-infused water comes with anti-microbial properties and keeps you cool.

    8. Are Jennifer Comfort Heaven Mattresses Available In Different Sizes?

    Jennifer Comfort Heaven mattresses are available in California. King, king, queen, full, twin long. All our mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base that's sold separately.