White-Glove Delivery

Your special purchases need special attention. Get premium trusted White Glove services by Jennifer Furniture along with every purchase. 

Jennifer Furniture efficiently delivers with Care and Precision keeping in mind the customers' delivery satisfaction. 

Jennifer Furniture's responsible White Glove Services ensures on time delivery to our customers, therefore trying to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction

Our white-glove service has several tiers to ensure maximum effectiveness:

  • Scheduling Appointment
  • Complete and safe unpacking after delivery
  • Flexible furniture placements according to customer's preference.
  • We deliver even if you live in the second floor (maximum)
  • Assembly done within half an hour.
  • Validation through signatures.
  • Real time Order tracking.
  • Faster delivery (within 24 hours)
  • Notifications in every step.
  • Self-service appointment scheduling
  • Customer feedback and reviewing services.
  • Centralized Data and Updates.