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Sofa, the luxury yet necessity furniture of your home, makes or breaks your sitting position. Jennifer Furniture serves a wide range of sofas, sectionals, modulars, sofa bed and couches of various shapes, sizes, styles, materials, colors, textures and more! We prioritize your comfort and budget, thereby our living room sofa collection has budget friendly inexpensive sofas with superfast delivery!

6 products

6 products

How to choose the best sofa for living room? Why should I choose Jennifer Furniture?

Sofa is the centerpiece of your living room home decor. The spot on which you spend so much quality time should definitely the best piece of furniture and the best investment. You must consider some important factors before buying them, such as -

1) Fabric quality - Jennifer Furniture provides you high quality sofas with a range of fabrics including - velvet, leather, faux, cotton blend and other breathable fabric options.
2) Upholstery (the pad filling) - Your sitting posture depends a lot on your sofa. We have sofas with memory foams, feathers, hollow fill fibre, and other comforting breathable cooling and supportive options too
3) Built type - the built material and the overall design matters a lot when it comes to a sofa. Choose between strong durable attractive wood and metal designs.
4) Available space - Compact versatile sofas to any corner of your room. Get small apartment sofas and even grand royal hall sofas.
5) Budget - Budget sofas for living room available. Good quality cheap budget sofa set to solve your furniture budget crunch.
6) Aesthetic need - Beautiful artistic urban crafted sofas to steal the show!
7) Storage need - Sofa sets with storage for solving that "extra" need of space.
8) Orthopedic need - Memory foam and other orthopedic mattress sofas are of special orthopedic requirements. The special medical sofas helps release the pressure points, correct your sitting position and your overall spine alignment.
9) Warranty - Jennifer furniture covers long warranty. Shop carefree, we go along with you a long way!
10) Fast Delivery - Jennifer serves the fastest delivery of sofa with affirm

Why should I buy a sofa?

Sofa is not just a furniture, it is rather a statement, a mirror of your personality. It provides your home with a welcoming, cozy aura of belongingness. It is the perfect spot for chilling, binge watching, movie nights, story time, friends & family get togethers, guests, party, gaming, working, dozing off - yea, why not? Sleeper sofas are best for you to take a power nap amidst your multitasking schedule. Get all rounder convertible sofas at affordable rates for your perfect home decor.

There are several reasons why you should buy a sofa, including :
1) A quick renovation
2) To comfort your elderly parents
3) To make space for your kids to play and study in a comfortable place (in front of your eyes)
4) Sofa is a life saving work from home furniture
5) The bachelor money saver : you don't need to invest in a bed if you have a sofabed
6) When you think its time for a CHANGE!