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      A sectional sofa set with a chaise provides extra space to spread out for the ideal relaxing experience. Sectionals can comfortably fit the entire family, with ample space to cuddle up with numerous people. For movie evenings and holiday festivities, anyone who spends the bulk of their time in the living room would appreciate the additional snug space of a sectional. The most common design for sectionals is an L with three parts, whereas there are also modular sectionals, sleeper sofa-style sectionals, and compact types that are perfect for flats and tiny areas.

      Key points for choosing the best sectional sofa for your needs:


      Depending on the size of your room and the number of people that will use it, the best sectional sofa comes in a range of sizes and seating configurations. Before purchasing any furniture for your home, be sure to measure the area it will occupy and your door frame to avoid any surprises on delivery day. Look for sectionals with four cushions and two chaises in a U-shaped design or a corner sectional if you have a large family or want an additional lounging area.


      A sectional sofa's stylemark design element is the chaise, which comes in numerous forms. Some sectionals feature a permanent chaise that can only be on one side, while others allow you to flip sides, giving you more options if you relocate or wish to reorganize your living room. Most comfortable sectional sofas feature one chaise, but others have two for a U-shaped design that gives bigger groups more sitting options.


      While it's easy to pick upholstery based just on appearance, it's vital to do so carefully since some varieties are simpler to clean or more suited for pets. This might impact the overall lifespan of your sectional sofa. If you have a messy pet or energetic youngsters, go for stain-resistant and durable fabrics like polyester. Natural materials such as cotton and linen have a flattering silhouette but are not as durable as synthetic fibers. While leather is expensive, it is long-lasting and has a sumptuous appearance, but it is difficult to maintain and scratch-prone. Before making a purchase, Jennifer Furniture provides you complimentary fabric swatches, so you can decide which material is ideal for you.


      While the best sectional couches costs vary widely, purchasing a new, high-quality sofa is unquestionably an investment. Depending on the number of seats, materials, shipping cost, and other criteria, a sectional couch might cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. We identified some good small designs with an offer for less than $1,000, and even some for less than $800. The addition of leather materials, several chaises, and extra-deep seats will all raise the overall cost. 

      Before purchasing a nice sectional, there are numerous factors to consider, including the feel, price, and delivery possibilities. Jennifer Furniture tests the top couch brands for quality regularly, so you can be assured in your purchase. Get your sectionals with the best support, comfort, ease of delivery, and more.




      Sectional sofa is the central furniture for any room thus, to get the perfect one is too critical. One never compromises with the style and convenience. Sectional sofas are truly comfortable and manufactured with strong durable materials, promising you to go a long way with years of comfortable usage.


      Sectionals are the best modern bed alternative. Jennifer Furniture sectional sofas are oversized, supportive, inexpensive and comfortable enough to be used as cosy beds. They are filled with versatility and multitasking grace! Some of our modern sectional sofa bed have built-in sleeper beds, while other sectional sofa with chaise are flexible enough to create a spacious sleeping area.


      The classic L-shaped sectional, adds it's grace to a corner of your living area without taking much space. It complements your modern home decor by bestowing your corners with utility! It's all about the compatible and graceful modern art of furniture making! On the other hand, this corner fitted sofa sectional also leaves your room with quite a lot of space to be used for placing other furniture too!


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