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Do you want the ideal living room furniture that blends comfort and style? You must check Jennifer Furniture. The selection of reclining sectionals at Jennifer Furniture is extensive. Are you tired of choosing between seating... Do you want the ideal living room furniture that blends comfort and style? You must check Jennifer Furniture. The selection of reclining sectionals at Jennifer Furniture is extensive. Are you tired of choosing between seating and leisure time? Put that problem to rest! Our collection includes a range of sectional with recliner that let you unwind in the utmost luxury while spending time with your loved ones. We have the sectionals you want, a power reclining sectional for simple adjustments or a modern reclining sectional to match your contemporary design. Shop online with us, take a look at our selection, and easily order your favorite reclining sectional. We provide only from the manufacturers. You can easily buy your favorite recliner from Jenniferfurniture.com Read More
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    The furniture design industry is evolving more than ever. Nowadays, it is possible to find furniture for every purpose. In general, there are a variety of furniture terms that we come across in our everyday lives. And we're sure you must know what a sectional sofa and a recliner are. But have you ever heard about power reclining sectionals? Yes, sectionals with a reclining function.

    These days, power reclining sectionals are in high demand because they serve both the functions of a recliner and a sofa. In this article, let's explore the versatility of these sofas in greater detail.

    Here's What You Need to Know About Power Reclining Sectionals

    With the advancement in technology, it is now easier to get more functional furniture that provides more comfort. A power reclining sofa is like any other sectional sofa with a power reclining system. It has a built-in headrest and footrest that recline with the push of a button. It runs on a power source that comes from electricity or a battery. 

    Unlike a manual reclining sofa, power reclining sofas don't require repeated or frequent adjustments. Effortless to use and comfortable to sit on, they are a winner. A motorized reclining system allows for a quick transition between seated and reclined positions.

    All you have to do is sit and relax, and the power function will take care of the rest. Your relaxation time doesn't have to be interrupted by the effort of manually changing reclining positions.

    How Do You Arrange A Sectional Recliner?

    A sectional recliner chair comprises several sections that can be arranged as desired. Depending on the type and space requirements, you can arrange a sectional in different ways. But The most crucial factor to consider is the right placement.

    Although the sectional recliner looks like a standard sectional sofa, you can't place it like one, as it has a reclining system. Ensure to leave enough space between the sectional and the wall for easy reclining. The space must be sufficient and the area free of obstacles.

    How To Choose The Power Reclining Sectionals?

    Choosing a power reclining sectional is entirely a matter of choice and budget. Still, it can become a daunting task when there are many options to choose from. To help you make your decision, we have compiled a list of some critical points to consider when buying a power reclining sectional.

    Built-In USB Ports 

    Always check whether the sectional has built-in USB ports or a wireless charging storage console. It saves you the inconvenience of having to get up to charge or phone or tablet once you are in a comfortable position and zone of relaxation. Think about it, wouldn't it be annoying if you had to charge your smartphone far away from your recliner when its battery runs low?

    Ergonomic Design

    A product's ergonomic design considers how people might interact with it. It is based on people's needs and focuses on making them more comfortable. When choosing a power recliner sectional, ensure it is built to provide maximum comfort and adjustability.

    Look for those with adjustable headrests, ergonomic neck and back positions, and reclining positions with fully extendable footrests. Ergonomically designed modern power reclining sectionals provide orthopedic support by evenly distributing one's body weight.

    Picking the Right Upholstery

    Some people prefer leather reclining sectionals and some fabric reclining sectionals. Now, you might be wondering which is better. Well, the choice of upholstery depends on three major factors.

    • Comfort: Determine what kind of fabric's surface is comfortable for you. What type of feel and touch do you like? Do you feel more comfortable sitting on a fabric sofa or leather? And make the purchase accordingly.
    • Style: The style of your home can be the key factor in deciding the upholstery fabric. Besides checking whether the sofa's fabric color matches your furniture, also consider will the fabric's texture complements the style of your home.
    • Use: Asking yourself where you'll be using your sofa will also help you decide on the fabric. Think about the wear and tear and the number of people using it. If you have small children, your choice is more likely leather. For pets like cats, microfiber, faux suede, and synthetic fabric are better options.

    How To Style The Reclining Sectional

    The reclining sectional is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. It can be a great addition to your living room or office. However, it is crucial to know how to style and get the best out of it. Let's discover some of the best ways to style your reclining sectional.

    Get a good rug

    Rugs not only offer comfort but also accentuate your reclining sectional. Always ensure the rug is big enough to cover all the edges of your sofa. It also makes the room appear larger.

    It's important to get the cushions right.

    You may think too many cushions make the sectional more stylish, but we would like to ask you to think again. Too many cushions will only make the sectional look messy and stifling. Ideally, a sectional needs to be decorated with a group of different-sized cushions (large, medium, round) placed on the left, middle, and right. The number should not be more than six or seven.

    Add a touch of class with a throw

    The perfect way to dress up your sofa is with a throw. It is like an accessory that enhances the overall aesthetic of a reclining sectional. The key is placing it the right way. Rather than randomly hanging your throw, laying it on the chaise lounge is a better option. This gives your sofa a neat and visually appealing look.

    Consider adding a few more pieces of furniture

    Accessories change the whole look. With your reclining sectional, it is best to have a nice side table with decorations on top, an ottoman or two, a big enough coffee table placed right in the center (within the perimeter of the sectional), a floor lamp, or a plant. All of these will help you style your sectional in the best way possible.


    1. Are Power Reclining Sectionals Beneficial For Your Back?

    Yes. Reclining sectionals like any other recliner, are beneficial for your back. They allow you to adjust the position to suit your comfort, resulting in less pressure on your back when sitting.

    2. Is It Okay To Sleep On Power Reclining Sectionals?

    Yes. You can sleep on a power reclining sectional. Sleeping on a power reclining sectional help your body relax. Sleeping in the most suitable position releases all the tension. If you have chronic back pain or acid reflux sleeping on a recliner will certainly help.

    3. Can You Adjust The Seat Positioning Or Height On A Power Reclining Sectional?

    Yes. On a power reclining sectional, you can adjust various positions easily. These recliners are meant to offer maximum comfort, so you can adjust them according to your comfort level.

    4. How Long Do Power Reclining Sectionals Motors Last?

    Depending on the handling and use of the motor a power reclining sectional can last up to 10-20 years.

    5. Can You Secure Power Reclining Sectionals To The Floor?

    Yes. To secure the power recliner to the floor, you can use Non-Slip Furniture Gripper pads, thick rugs, furniture caster cups, and non-slip floor mats.

    6. What Are The Special Features Of Power Reclining Sectionals?

    Some special features of power reclining sectionals are an adjustable headrest, console, cup holder, lift recliner, manual recliner, power footrest, power headrest, Power Lift, Power Lumbar Support, USB Port/Charger, and storage.

    7. What Are The Best Quality Power Reclining Sectionals

    Known for their advanced features, highest quality materials, and trendy design, the best power reclining sectionals are Latitude sectional, Forza sectional, Monet, Guilivo sectional, Lorenzo, Agata sectional, Murray power sectional, Centi sectional, Serena, Ariana sectionals.

    8. What Are The Different Types Of Material In Reclining Sectionals?

    The upholstery can be of fabric such as cotton, polyester, nylon, suede, or leather. The material used to make the structure can be metal, Stainless Steel, or Wood.

    9. Which Are The Best Brand Of Reclining Sectionals?

    Some of the best brands that manufacture reclining sectionals are Acme, Coaster, Craftmaster, ESF Italia, Flexsteel, Gio Italia, Global, Jennifer Italia, Klaussner, Modern Heritage, and Natuzzi.

    10. Difference Between L-Shaped Vs U-Shaped Reclining Sectionals

    An L-shaped reclining sectional has two sections that together form the L-shape. Hence its name. While, a U-shaped reclining sectional has three sections, the main section and two on either side. Together they form a U.