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Are you planning to get some Luonto furniture collections for your personal space? Cheers to you for choosing this brand that has successfully satisfied its customers with a fantastic furniture collection. The history of this... Are you planning to get some Luonto furniture collections for your personal space? Cheers to you for choosing this brand that has successfully satisfied its customers with a fantastic furniture collection. The history of this brand can be traced back to 1964, when it started as a small workshop in Finland that produced mattresses and other furniture pieces. Over time, Luonto has expanded its operations and focused on crafting top-notch sofas. As a result, it has earned acclaim for its exceptional furniture production. The brand takes immense pride in creating furniture built to last, ensuring that their sofas are made with attention to detail and precision. But where to buy Luonto sofas online? Look no further than Jennifer Furniture, a furniture retailer that has tied up with Luonto and is selling its exclusive products at an affordable price. Scroll through Jennifer Furniture's Luonto Furniture collections and buy the best furniture for your home today. Read More
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    Quality, functionality, and sustainability are three words that describe Luonto the best.

    In Finland, Luonto's foundation was laid in the early 1960s by Pentti Viitala. Aiming to offer quality furniture at fair prices, he began reupholstering used sofas in a barn on his family's farm. With the additional help of his family in the production process, he found early success, and that's when Luonto's real journey began.

    The growth of the business resulted in the company hiring 20 employees, which later grew to 400. Over time, the company expanded and began exporting furniture to around 550 retail locations in 15 countries worldwide.

    Luonto has been in the furniture industry for over 59 years and is among the most trusted brands. Rather than being complacent and enjoying success, Luonto has invested heavily in advanced manufacturing methods to create more functional furniture and meet customers' dynamic needs.

    Currently, the brand has 400 authorized retailers and continues to expand. The aim is still the same - making quality furniture available at a fair price. Are you looking for Luonto Furniture Online? Visit Jennifer Furniture and explore the latest collections.


    1. Where can I find Luonto Furniture products?

    You can find all the latest, trendy Luonto Furniture products at Jennifer Furniture, which is a reputed furniture retailer. It's your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs. From chic sofas to magnificent coffee tables from Luonto, we have it all.

    2. Are Luonto Furniture pieces eco-friendly?

    Yes, Luonto Furniture is known for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Their furniture pieces are crafted not only with style and quality in mind but are also environmentally conscious.

    So, when shopping for Luonto Furniture, you are not just upgrading your home decor. But you are also helping the planet look its best!

    3. Can I purchase Luonto Furniture online?

    Yes, you can purchase Luonto Furniture online from an authorized retailer like Jennifer Furniture. Get all the latest collections at exciting prices and get instant discounts on selected furniture pieces.

    4. What is the price range for Luonto Furniture products?

    The price range for Luonto Furniture products depends on different factors. These factors include the type of furniture, its size, the materials used, the design, and the add-ons if you want a customized piece. If you are looking for a number, on average, the price ranges from $1500 to $8000 and more.

    5. Does Luonto Furniture have any physical stores, or is it an online-only store?

    Luonto Furniture neither has any physical stores nor sells directly via its online-only store. Rather, it has tied up with multiple retailers. It exports to over 20 countries, in particular across 800 retail locations and in most major cities in the US and Canada, with over 240 retail locations. Jennifer Furniture is one of Luonto's retailers. You can get the latest collections at the best price.

    6. What types of furniture does Luonto offer at Jennifer Furniture?

    Luonto Furniture offers mattress protectors, recliner chairs, sectional sleeper sofas, sectional sofas, sleeper chairs, sleeper loveseats, sleeper sofas, and sofas. You can get them at Jennifer Furniture.

    7. What makes Luonto so unique?

    Every Luonto piece of furniture is rigorously tested during manufacturing and before being dispatched to ensure that every step in the production cycle meets established standards.

    Another factor that sets Luonto apart from other brands is its sustainable approach. As part of its heritage, Luonto continues its sustainable manufacturing practices.

    At Luonto, each product is manufactured with repairability in mind, using the best materials and clever assembly methods, resulting in less product waste. The sourced materials have the world's most respected wood, foam, and upholstery certifications.

    The fiber of the cushions is made from recycled PET water bottles. The best part is that Luonto's R-PES pad collection contains 100% polyester made from recycled bottles.