Bassett Furniture Brand Review in 2024

 Bassett Furniture ReviewTABLE OF CONTENTS

  1. History Of Bassett Furniture
  2. Bassett Furniture Types
  3. Living Room Furniture
  4. Dining Room Furniture
  5. Bedroom Furniture
  6. Office Furniture
  7. Range Of Styles And Designs
  8. Who is Bassett Furniture For?
  9. Bassett Furniture Supports Sustainability?
  10. Is Bassett Furniture Made In The Us?
  11. Is Bassett Furniture Customizable?
  12. Is Bassett Furniture Worth It?
  13. Does Bassett Furniture Ship Internationally?
  14. Is Bassett Furniture Safe?
  15. Where To Buy Bassett Furniture?
  16. Conclusion

Bassett Furniture is the brand where timeless elegance meets modern innovation. For more than a century, Bassett Furniture has been synonymous with superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship. You will find classic designs to contemporary styles that can suit every taste and budget.

Whether you are on the hunt for a plush sofa to lounge on after a long day, a sturdy bed to rest your head for a peaceful good night's sleep, or a stylish accent piece to elevate your home decor, Bassett Furniture has got you covered.

So, if you are curious to explore the beauty and functionality of Bassett Furniture, keep reading to find this Bassett Furniture review.

Now let's dive in and discover why it's the go-to destination for furniture lovers everywhere.

History Of Bassett Furniture

History of Bassette Furniture

Bassett Furniture Industries is a well-known American furniture manufacturer founded in 1902 by John D. Bassett in Bassett, Virginia. It started with bedroom furniture initially. And with time expanded to other areas, such as dining and living room furniture.

This brand has faced various challenges throughout history, including economic downturns, changing consumer preferences, and increased competition from foreign manufacturers. However, the company overcame all these challenges and always continued providing high-quality furniture.

Bassett Furniture became one of the first furniture manufacturers to use a mass-production approach in the 1950s. This approach not only allowed them to produce furniture more efficiently and at a lower cost. But also enabled the company to offer more affordable furniture to consumers.

Today, Bassett Furniture is a leading manufacturer and retailer of furniture in the United States. With over 100 retail stores and a wide range of products, including sofas, chairs, beds, and dining room sets, it stands tall.

Bassett Furniture Types

Bassett Furniture is a well-known American manufacturer of various furniture styles and types. Some of the furniture types offered by Bassett include:

Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture

Your living room is where you gather with family and friends, relax at home after a long day, and entertain guests.

So, it must be a space that must reflect your personality and unique style. But you can't just fill the entire room with furniture without room to move around. Thus planning better on what to add is important.

You can get Sofas, Sectionals, Sleeper Sofas, Accent Chairs, Loveseats, Recliners, Swivels & Gliders, and Chair Ottomans in both leather and fabric materials.

Apart from sofas and sectionals, your living room will have spaces to occupy other furniture. Bassett Furniture has some, such as coffee tables, end tables, benches, accent tables, accent chests, bookcases, open shelving, and Credenzas and consoles.

Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture

Dining room furniture is more than just a table and chairs. It's a place where we come together to share food, laughter, memories, and stories with those we love. Each piece of furniture in the dining room plays a crucial role in creating an ambiance that is warm, inviting, and reflective of our personal style.

  • Storage and display furniture such as buffets, sideboards, and china cabinets add practicality and elegance to a dining room.
  • Dining tables are available in different shapes, such as round, rectangular, and square.
  • Arm Chairs and side chairs are available in wood and upholstered.
  • Other dining furniture available is bar and counter stools, sideboards, and console tables.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is your sanctuary, where you can recharge your batteries. Whether a cozy and intimate space or a grand and luxurious suite, bedroom furniture sets the tone for the entire room.

Bassett furniture offers bedroom collections that can suit your style. Available furniture here are beds are wood and upholstered, headboards, nightstands, dressers, chests and armoires, mirrors, mattresses, and benches.

Office Furniture

Office furniture

Whether you are working from home or in a corporate setting, the furniture you choose can significantly impact your productivity and well-being. A sturdy and well-designed desk provides a space to work, collaborate, and organize our thoughts. You will find a modern office with furniture desks, storage cabinets, and bookcases.

Range Of Styles And Designs

Range of styles and designs

Some examples of traditional furniture styles available in Bassett Furniture are:
Jacobean style, William and Mary style, Queen Anne style, Louis XVI, Chippendale, Art Deco, and Scandinavian Contemporary design.

Some examples of modern furniture styles in Bassett Furniture are:

Antique, American Colonial, Traditional, Vintage, American Design, Rustic, Retro, Minimalism, and Casual Luxe.

Who is Bassett Furniture For?

If your heart holds a special place for traditional real wood furnishings, Bassett furniture can be your ideal destination. Here you can get long-lasting and high-quality wooden furniture.

One of the best things that made Bassett Furniture a favorite is its variety. Yes, this brand is loaded with ample designs. So it can serve people of all styles and preferences.

You can easily note that the wooden works differ for every piece of furniture based on the fabrics and finishes.

Bassett Furniture Supports Sustainability?

Bassett makes immense efforts to minimize their impact on the planet and produce their pieces more ethically.

In fact, they initiate and take part in tree-planting and recycling activities. The fascinating fact about their company policy is that they deal with vendors and contractors with good working conditions and fair wages.

Is Bassett Furniture Made In The US?

Yes, still, some Bassett Furniture is exclusively made in the US. If you are someone who supports made-in-America companies, you will appreciate the fact that American artisans make some products in the US.

Is Bassett Furniture Customizable?

The answer is yes. Though it has immense collections, it also caters to customers' need to furnish furniture in different fabrics, finishes, and sizes.

Compared to other furniture stores with a limited selection of colors and sizes, Bassett Furniture makes itself stand out by offering a wide range of collections.

Is Bassett Furniture Worth It?

You can't go wrong with a furniture brand that has existed for over a century.
Bassett Furniture has owned its name with its durable and beautiful wooden pieces. Their main motive is to make their customer's investment worthwhile.

So, they combine high-quality materials, durable fabrics, and great craftsmanship to deliver sturdy and stylish furniture. So, you can rest assured of longevity and comfort.

Bassett Furniture strives to simplify the buying process for its customers. It has recognized that the task of furnishing a home involves not only selecting the right products. But it also involves ensuring their safe delivery and assembly. This is why the company provides a White Glove Delivery Service to enhance the overall convenience of the experience.

It also affirms that its retailer partners also deliver their goods without causing any hassle to their customers.

Does Bassett Furniture Ship Internationally?

Currently, Bassett Furniture does not offer international shipping. Their shipping services are limited to the United States and parts of Canada. However, checking with Bassett Furniture directly for any updates or changes to their shipping policy is recommended.

Is Bassett Furniture Safe?

Bassett product also complies with all of the latest national furniture safety standards at the date of production. Currently, these include ASTM F3096-14 and F2057-19 tipping standards.

Where To Buy Bassett Furniture?

Where to Buy Bassett Furniture

Jennifer Furniture is an excellent option if you want to purchase Bassett Furniture at never again price. Jennifer Furniture is a trusted retailer of premium furniture brands, including Bassett Furniture. Since it comes with a reputation for offering high-quality furniture at affordable prices, you can find

You can find a range of Bassett Furniture products at Jennifer Furniture that suits your home decor and lifestyle needs. The retailer also offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to create a unique piece of furniture that reflects your style.

Additionally, Jennifer Furniture offers excellent customer service, making the buying process hassle-free and enjoyable. From providing expert advice to facilitating a smooth delivery process, the retailer is committed to ensuring that you have a seamless shopping experience.

Overall, if you are in the market for high-quality Bassett Furniture, Jennifer Furniture is a reliable and trustworthy retailer to consider.


Bassett Furniture is a brand that exudes elegance, comfort, and durability. Each piece of furniture is crafted with high precision and attention to detail. So it ensures that you get a functional and stylish product.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your house furniture or revamp your living room, bedroom, or dining area, Bassett Furniture is the best. With a legacy spanning over a century, Bassett Furniture is a name you can trust. It's a brand that truly stands the test of time.

So, if you want to get some fantastic Bassett Furniture for your home, visit Jennifer Furniture. You will find all their exclusive collections at an exclusive price with discounts.

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