12 Tips For Shopping During Black Friday Furniture Sale

Tips For Shopping During Black Friday Furniture Sale

November is here, and so is Black Friday. Are you excited for the 2023 Black Friday Furniture Sale? Well, we can see that! We know you are pretty serious about this, which is why you are looking for some secrets, aka tips, for shopping smart during this sale.

We have got your point, and here we are with some practical, juicy tips that can help you grab some great deals on furniture.

Imagine sleeping on the luxurious bed that you just bagged for half the price or exhaling a breath that you finally replaced that wobbling dining table. You will definitely appreciate your smart decision.

Okay, now enough of this! Let's not waste time. Dive in and learn about the tips on how to save your hard-earned bucks during the Black Friday sale.

Tips For Shopping During Black Friday Furniture Sale

1. Make A List First

Make a list first

At the last minute, you can get carried away and miss out on the furniture you really want to buy for your home. So, make a list of the furniture you want, especially if you are upgrading a whole furniture set. Write down the features, such as the material, brand, and even the budget, and shop carefully.

2. Stick To Your Budget

Stick to your budget

Trust us. When you see crazy deals, you will easily deviate from what you really want to buy. And finally, they end up overspending. This is why you need to fix a budget.

3. Be Careful Of Unusual Brands

Be careful of unusual brands

During the Black Friday furniture sale, you can easily find steep discounts on different types of furniture. But the catch here is that there is no guarantee that you will receive a quality product.

This is why one must be extra careful and buy furniture online from reputed brands. Because furniture is an investment, and your hard-earned money shouldn't be wasted.

Well, we can't claim that every furniture brand that you have never heard of is bad, but it's during these sale seasons that many scams take place. So, put on your detective glasses and do Black Friday furniture shopping.

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4. Do Some Quick Research On The Product's Price History

Do some quick research on the product_s price history

You may think that checking the prices before Black Friday is a waste of time. You assume that, anyway, furniture retailers slash prices, and why would I need to compare? But bro! It's not about comparing! You are missing out big.

Some retailers throw out early Black Friday deals, which means you can avail of the same offers beforehand. This way, you can avoid website crashes and crushing crowds on sale day.

5. Shop Online And Skip In-Store

Shop online and skip in-store

If shopping online isn't your usual routine, read on!

Many people would advise you to visit a furniture store, sit on that sofa, recline on zero gravity on that recliner, check the cushion, etc. But the trend is changing now.

These days, retailers have equalized online and in-store shopping experiences. However, there are some setbacks to online shopping, including:

  • One must keep an eye on the deals, as they are short-lived.
  • A lack of inventory transparency
  • The website crashes due to a heavy site load.

Still, some retailers extend their Black Friday season so that their websites get more traffic, and eventually, their customers get hold of the deals.

6. Don't Forget To Bookmark The Pages

Don_t forget to bookmark the pages

If you plan on shopping online, do some homework. Well, the homework is bookmarking a product page ahead of time, and on the sale day, make the purchase straight out. This way, you can save your precious time and also avoid getting a 404 error message on the product you were eyeing.

7. Use Browser Extensions To Track Price History

Use browser extensions to track price history

Comparing furniture prices can be daunting. But not anymore. Think smart and install browser extensions such as CamelCamelCamel, Honey, and Keepa. These extensions will help you show price histories, price alerts, and coupons when you shop online.

8. How Do I Find These Deals Online?

How do I find these deals online

Firstly, how will you know if a furniture retailer has turned on their Black Friday sales? Social media platforms such as Instagram, X, and Facebook can help you here. How?

Well, in this digital era, every business is active on social media. So, you can use these platforms to learn about exclusive deals and promotions available from furniture retailers.

9. How About Optimizing Your Recent Purchases?

How about optimizing your recent purchases

Most furniture retailers will have extended return periods during the holiday season. So, if you have bought furniture, let's say a dining table set, and see the price drop further, then send it back and buy it again at the new price. But strictly read the retailer's return policy before trying this trick.

10. Know How Much You Save

Know how much you save

What's the use of buying furniture during a sale but not saving much? This is why you must do some research in advance to get an idea of the regular price of the furniture you are planning to buy. This will help you find out how much you saved on Black Friday. Check multiple stores, online and brick-and-mortar, to compare prices and find the best deals.

11. Have You Considered Measuring Your Space?

Have you considered measuring your space

No, it's not a weird question. Think about this. What if the furniture you are interested in doesn't fit in your space? Measure the available space and the furniture dimensions to avoid any sizing issues.

12. Look For Additional Discounts

Look for additional discounts

Well, we aren't asking to be greedy. But listen, many furniture stores offer extra discounts when customers use specific credit cards, sign up for their store credit card, or buy a bunch of products.


Whether you are shopping online or offline, the Black Friday furniture sale can make you feel a bit like participating in a competitive sport. But don't worry; you have our tips now. Keep these tips in mind and be ready to tackle the sales.

Here's a brownie tip for you: If you plan to visit physical stores, be prepared for a big crowd. A big crowd translates into potentially long lines. So, be patient and shop safely.

Jennifer Furniture is back with some huge plans for this Black Friday. It's not only a big day for you but also for us because we are more excited about giving you the best deals. Follow our website to learn more about the deals we are brewing for you. Stay tuned because it's going to rain deals and discounts at Jennifer Furniture.