Is Bernhardt Furniture High End?

Is Bernhardt Furniture High End


  1. What Makes Bernhardt Unique?
  2. Know Bernhardt’s History and Growth
  3. Making of Bernhardt Furniture
  4. Costing of Bernhardt Furniture
  5. Fit or Not a Fit?
  6. Bernhardt’s Top Picks
  7. Conclusion

Are you planning to redesign your home or office? Or just planning to buy new furniture? Bernhardt must have crossed your mind, and if you are considering Bernhardt furniture to buy, it is indeed essential for you to know if you can entirely rely upon it.

Scroll through the article and learn all about what Bernhardt is and what even makes it unique and high-end. Try not to skip parts, or else you might end up missing out on a deciding factor that can influence your decision.

What Makes Bernhardt Unique?

What Makes Bernhardt Unique

There are various qualities that make Bernhardt stand out from all the other furniture companies, and we’ve mentioned a few below,

  1. A collection of sophistication and casual furnishings.
  2. The brand is known for its on-point unique looks in the furniture pieces.
  3. Along with the looks, it doesn’t leave any page unturned and provides top-notch comfort and quality.
  4. The brand provides top quality and keeps the piece of furniture good for an extended period and hence even saves a lot of money.
  5. The brand even provides their customer with a limited lifetime warranty.
  6. When compared, Bernhardt is still more affordable compared to other luxury brands that provide similar pieces at a way higher price.
  7. Bernhardt is among the top North American furniture brands that are shifting the focus from Europe in terms of fashion-forward furniture designs.
  8. The making of Bernhardt furniture is a mixture of a lot of materials giving you a wide variety of pieces to choose from.

Know Bernhardt’s History and Growth

Bernhardt’s History and Growth

Bernhardt has been famous for quite a long time, and a vast reason also why it is said to be high-end is because of its long lineage. This furniture brand was started back in 1889 by John Mathias Bernhardt, and in his own sawmill, he used timber to create furniture and was known as Lenior Furniture Company back then because of its location, which was Lenior, North Canada.

The business grew, and following a fire in 1926 that mostly destroyed the factory, it was rebuilt and given the new name, Bernhardt Furniture Company, under which it is still known today.

Bernhardt was one of the first firms to start collaborating with partners and factories in Asia in an effort to strengthen its brand globally and increase productivity. In addition to its six locations abroad, Bernhardt, which is still headquartered in Lenoir, employs 1,000 people throughout its seven facilities in North Carolina.

With an international reputation as one of the most cutting-edge value brands accessible, Bernhardt is currently one of the leading family-owned furniture firms in the US.

Making of Bernhardt Furniture

Making of Bernhardt Furniture

The making of the Bernhardt furniture comes off as a little confusing at first, but that is what brings out one of its finest qualities. The company takes fabric, leather, metals, woods, stone, hides, marble, and even more kinds of materials and adds a unique touch to its furniture. This mixing and matching provide you with a variety that is unbeatable.

Costing of Bernhardt Furniture

Costing of Bernhardt Furniture

Since Bernhardt Furniture comes among the luxurious furniture and the brand has its own unique sense of style and making, the cost for the furniture pieces reflects the same. The brand focuses on affordable luxury items along with designs that are unique on their own.

Here are some expenses that are mentioned on the basis of average, but the costs differ as per the style, model, dealer, shipping, etc.

  • Sofas start at $2,500
  • Standard bookcases start at $900
  • Consoles start at $1,400
  • Sectionals start at $4,500
  • Beds start at $850
  • Dressers start at $2,000
  • Ottomans start at $400
  • Chairs start at $650
  • Dining tables start at $1,000
  • Nightstands start at $1,100
  • End tables with storage starting at $900

Fit or Not a Fit?

Fit or Not a Fit

For you to decide if Bernhardt’s high-end furniture is a right fit for you or not, go through the following paragraph that can help in your decision-making.

If you are looking for no customization, yet a unique style of furniture with colors and fabric that complement each other well and give your place an urban and modern look, then yes, Bernhardt is a good option.

In case you are looking for pop and bright colors, Bernhardt is not the perfect place, as it provides you with a collection of more subtle and neutral colors.

Further, Bernhardt is better if you have a wider space and are looking for something modern and fast fashioned because otherwise, in cases of small confined places or if you’re looking for a traditional piece of furniture, Bernhardt might not be the best option.

Bernhardt’s Top Picks

Bernhardt’s Top Picks

Even though Bernhardt’s collection is all pretty, and you can just go and choose which one you like, we have still mentioned the top picks of the brand that can help you decide your vibe and explore more.

These top picks are at the top of the high-end furniture, and there are high chances you will fall for them at first sight,

  1. Loft Collection - In a palette of soft neutrals and natural leathers, the modern-shaped furniture reflects lifestyle, attitude, and individuality.
  2. Marquesa Collection - The earthy palette gives the perfect mixture of royalty, luxury, comfort, and modern lifestyle.
  3. Axiom Collection - The acrylic and metal accents in the modern furniture creates a warm and inviting environment and a look that is unforgettable.
  4. Campania Collection - The perfect rusty touch to your modern look that gives attention to detail and compliments its crushed stones and off-white faux collection.
  5. Profile Collection - The warm taupe finish with tapestry gold gives the perfect casual feel with a mixture of its finish and material.


Bernhardt definitely passes the test of being a good brand with high-end furniture, and if you like luxury, then you should definitely go for it! The brand has proved itself in terms of unique style and has been standing strong for more than a century now while providing good quality furniture as well as maintaining a good reputation.

So, Bernhardt is a BIG YES when it comes to good-quality furniture.