How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa?

How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

You ordered your dream sectional sofa. And you have already started planning how to place it in your living room.

But you are pretty stuck with the idea of how to decorate the place with rugs. You definitely want to know how to place a rug under your sectional sofa. Some may wonder what's the big deal about a rug. Placing it right can improve the aesthetics of the space and ambiance.

To help you out, we have a blog that's loaded with different ideas on how to make your living room look beautiful with a rug. Now, let's start.

Things To Consider Before Investing In A Rug

Here's a general guide on how to choose the rug to place under your sectional sofa.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Rug

1. Measure The Space

Before buying a rug, it's highly important to measure the area, just like you do before buying a sectional sofa. This will give you an idea of the rug size you need to buy.

2. Choose The Right Size Rug

What have you planned in your mind? You want a big rug to accommodate the entire sectional sofa or that rug must extend beyond the edges of the sofa that define the seating area. If your sectional is placed against the wall, choose a rug that fits the space between the sofa and the wall.

3. Check The Floor Space Available

If you have a large living space, accommodating a large rug won't hurt. However placing a large one in a small living space will make the rug look too large. Sometimes, it won't fit if you forget to measure the space.

Meanwhile, if you have a small space but want to add a rug for style, then pick a small rug to place under the coffee table in front of your couch.

4. What Rug Shape Do You Prefer?

Based on your sectional sofa and room's layout, choose between rectangular, square, or round rugs. Most people prefer rectangular ones. Square rugs are the best if your sectional comes in a square or L-shaped configuration.

5. What's The Rug Material?

Choose the rug material based on your lifestyle and the foot traffic in the room. Let's say you often step on the rugs or have kids running around. Your rug must be durable and also easy to clean and maintain.

If you live in a cold region, wool rugs are ideal because they are durable, naturally stain-resistant, have good heat insulation properties, and have a soft, luxurious feel underfoot. Also, cotton rugs are soft and lightweight, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Silk rugs have a luxurious texture, are only suited for low-traffic areas and require extra care and maintenance to preserve their beauty.

6. What's Your Decorating Style?

If your rug doesn't suit your existing decor, it will look odd. So, check if the rug will fit the environment in which you place it. For instance, if you are living in a modern space or a traditional setup, either way, choose the design based on the decor.

How To Slide a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa?

Some practical ideas on how to place a rug under or around a sectional sofa.

How To Slide a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

1. Did You Know That Oversized Rugs Are The Best?

If you haven't picked a rug yet, go for an oversized rug. Why? Read our reasons:

  1. An oversized rug can make the room appear larger than it actually is.
  2. It can easily make a bold statement and serve as a focal point of the space.
  3. You get underfoot comfort when you walk around the room. If you love to sit down while lounging near your sectional, they will be soft and add warmth, increasing the comfort of your living space.

You can make the entire sectional sofa sit on it. Usually, the sectional sofas are larger, and when you add an oversized area rug, they coordinate perfectly. But ensure you measure your space before ordering it because if your rug is too small than expected, it won't turn out as planned.

2. You Can Create Zones Using Rugs

If you live in a home where your living room acts as a lounging area, entertainment center, and dining area, use rugs to separate each zone. Place a rug under the sectional sofa to define the lounging area and another rug under the dining table to create an eating area.

This way, these rugs play their part in creating a sense of purpose and style in every corner of your living room. So, you give an activity its own spotlight without losing the overall vibe of the room.

3. How About Placing Your Rug At An Angle?

If you think that placing your rug perfectly aligned with your sectional sofa is too boring, try this out. Place your rug at an angle. For instance, instead of positioning your rug parallel to the walls, angle it diagonally across the room. This creates an unexpected layout that adds interest to the space.

Or, if you have a coffee table in front of your sectional sofa, tuck the corners of the rectangular rug under the sofa and let the rest of it sit at an angle. This gives a modern living space a fashionable appeal.

4. Place Your Rug Under The Front Legs Of The Sectional Sofa

Whether you are placing your sectional against the wall or keeping it at the center, either way, place your rug under the front legs of the sectional sofa.
Especially if your rug is a bit small to cover the entire sectional, use this idea. Trust us, it will make a difference.

5. Centering The Rug In Your Living Room Isn't A Bad Idea

If you have a moderate-sized rug that doesn't fit any of the ideas mentioned above, don't try too much; simply place it at the center. Then, add the furniture around them. It works fine for any rug shape. But make sure to leave a 5 to 6-inch gap between the rug and the sofa.

This idea helps define the seating area and ties the room together, making it feel more organized and inviting. It also simplifies vacuuming and spot-cleaning tasks, as you can easily access all areas of the rug.

6. Place The Sectional's Corner On The Corner Of The Rug

If you have a small or mid-sized rug, align the sectional's corner with the rug's corner, and you might leave the sectional hanging off by a foot or less.
This style gives you more space to place an ottoman or a coffee table. Add a chair if it can be lined with the opposite corner in a similar fashion.

7. Get More Creative With Round Rugs

If you have a medium-sized round rug, place it on the inside of the sectional sofa and allow the sectional sofa to frame it. Because the straight lines of the rectangular rug go along with the straight lines of the sofa. It's like they fit together neatly.

Meanwhile, if it's a large rug, place it with a little overlap of the sectional. These shapes can complement the smooth lines of your sofa, making everything look balanced and coordinated.

8. Layering Rugs Is Fun

Have you ever thought of layering rugs? Well, this idea comes out well only with thin rugs. Here's how you do it:

First, place a big, plain rug on the floor. This must be cozy enough to cover most of the floor, including your sectional sofa. An oversized rug works well here.

Next, add a smaller, eye-catching rug on top. It must have patterns or vibrant colors because the one we use as the base is super plain. Just like you mix and match sandwich ingredients, you can do the same with rugs.

Final Words

In conclusion, placing a rug under a sectional sofa is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your living space. A well-placed rug can tie the room jointly and make it feel like home. But make sure you first measure, choose the right size and shape rug, arrange your furniture, and enjoy the comfort and beauty a rug can bring to your living room.