How To Choose The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Kitchen

Find the Dining Table Shape That Is Right for You

What makes the kitchen the one true place for the family to unite? It’s the DINING TABLE!

If your dining table has the right vibe and complements your lifestyle and home, your kitchen will become the ultimate place where you end up making so many irreplaceable memories!

If you are unsure which dining table can help you do that or you just don’t feel that the current dining table is right, do not worry; just scroll through to learn how to find the right dining table shape just for you, and then you can find yours from the catalog of Bernhardt dining tables!

How To Choose The Right Dining Table Shape For Your Kitchen?

Below, we have listed out the different shapes and given explanations that will help you decide whether a particular shape would suit your kitchen or dining space.



Rectangular dining tables are very famous and mostly adapted. We will tell you if this popular shape is suitable for you or not.

If you have a giant family and you need more space at the table, or if you have got a room that is either rectangular or square and probably doesn’t have a lot of space, this shape could be great for you.

In case you use your kitchen for multiple purposes, and it’s connected to the drawing area, the rectangular table can be just pushed aside to make more space without disturbances.

However, the important note is that if you host small parties or get-togethers, the rectangular shape isn’t the best. It is because one or the other person would end up feeling separated and distant from the entire group.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Suitable for larger families and groups
  • Good for narrow rooms


  • Restrictive in nature
  • Causes psychological distances


Square dining Table

A square dining table is a perfect option for smaller groups; it gives you a large amount of space at the table and keeps the crowd close. Further, if you have a square room, square dining tables are perfect because they do not take up too much space and can be cornered quickly.

The square tables are perfect for a small family kitchen because you will have the right amount of space on your table to put food and eat without adjusting, and the space will be intimate enough to bond over food.


  • Good table space
  • Close enough distance


  • Not suitable for large groups


Round Dining Table

The round dining tables are used to soften the look of the room, making it easy to roam around in the larger space that is left in the room. These tables are perfect for initiating conversations because their soft look gives them a cozy feeling rather than their rectangular, pointy edges.

The round tables are mainly used in the kitchen to provide a sense of family, unity, and togetherness, making the moods and vibes of the family happier.


  • Softened look
  • Gather-around environment
  • Intimacy
  • Suitable in square rooms


  • Not suitable for larger groups
  • It is challenging to be cornered


Oval dining Tables

An oval dining table shape is best if you have a larger group but a narrower room. The oval dining table provides enough dining table space to eat relaxingly. Further, the edges of the oval are round, making the environment very cozy and welcoming rather than restrictive like a rectangle.

One thing to note about the oval tables is that if you are getting the table for discussions and team-building exercises, then the table is a great option. In case you are looking for them to host bigger dinner parties, it is advised to get an even bigger table so as to accommodate all the stuff on the table.


  • A good option for a larger group
  • It fits well even in narrow rooms


  • Difficult to sideline
  • Restrictive for the people sitting in corners

Final Words

At last, whatever dining table you choose, make sure it is of good quality because the investment is significant and should be worth every penny spent from your pocket.

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