How to Choose the Ideal Dining Table for Your Home

dining set of 6 chairs and table

A dining room furniture is chosen based on its functionality in your home. Use dining furniture pieces to decor spaces in a new home and re-define the overall layout of the dining room. Your choice of furniture should reflect the specific needs of its practical usage. Learn the following to balance and emphasize your decor the simplest way.


The ideal dining room table for your space will let you dine without feeling cramped. The top of the table should be laminated and strong enough to handle the conditions of daily use including occasional roughhousing from little ones. The table should be visually appealing enough that everyone looks forward to gathering around it. 

“Every lesson I learned as a kid was at the dinner table…. It is where we laughed, cried and yelled - but most importantly, where we bonded and connected” - Michael Symon, American Chef


Tables come in many shapes, sizes and styles to fit both their functional and aesthetic purpose. The key considerations determining which shape dining table is best for your room are the size of the room it will be placed in, amount of seating, and style desired.

rectangular shape dining table set of 8



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While choosing a dining table to buy for home, see the dining table size, shape, capacity and style list to choose the best:



Size / Dimension

Ideal for / Style


2 seater dining table for small spaces

30 x 30 inches

Small apartment in nyc

Square dining table set for 4

36 x 36 inches

A family of 2 adults and a child.

Square dining table 6 seater

48 x 48 inches or

60 x 60 inches

Dining room table for family of 5 - 6

Square dining table seats 8

72 x 72 inches

Dining table for large family dinner



2 seater rectangular dining table for small spaces

30 x 42 inches

Table for a small family of 2 or singles.

Rectangle dining table 4 seater

30 x 60 inches

Ideal table size for a family with 2 kids

Rectangle dining table for 6 with bench

36 x 72 inches

Table for family of 6 - 8 with a narrow hallway dining area

Rectangle dining table for 8

42 x 96 inches

Ideal for joint family dinners.

Rectangular dining table for 10 - 12 persons

54 x 120 inches

For inviting over friends and extended family.



Circular dining table for 2 - 3

Dia - 36 inches

dinner date with dining table hanging lights

Round dining table for 4 - 6

Dia - 48 inches

Family dinner table

Round table and chairs for 8

Dia - 60 - 72 inches

Round glass-top table with rotating center for enclosed fancy get-togethers


Dining Chair

Ideal for


Decor Style

Side chair

Traditional chairs for dining table 

18 x 18 inches

Classic / Traditional


Modern dining chairs with arms

18 x 22 inches

Modern / Contemporary

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“Dining Rooms are really all about the table and the chairs” - Candice Olson, Canadian Interior Designer


While the taste of the diner decides which style of dining tables are preferable, there are some essential specifications to choose the right one for you. 

  1. Instead of getting a square dining table for 10, you can join 2 square tables for 6 together to make a grand banquet dinner table. This will lessen the conversational distance in a family dinner. 
  2. The welcoming Rectangular dining tables are usually ideal for big spaces. But, when used with a seating bench instead of dining chairs, can even accommodate itself in narrow spaces. 
  3. When in need of a bigger dining table size, one may wonder, “How to increase the size of a dining table?” : If even a farmhouse dining table for 12 can not accommodate your friends, guests or extended family members - use an extendable dining table with self storing leaves. 
  4. Choose a dining table based on its multipurposeness / versatility in the urban household. Prefer dining sets with storage options over bulky space-consuming sets.
  5. The material used  - needs to be long-lasting, as in tables made of solid wood or ceramic. 

Be wary of products like plastic or particleboard—these are easy to tear up and can’t be repaired.

Wood has the added advantage of lending your room a dining table vintage touch. Look for thick lumber (at least 3/4 inch) to ensure the kind of durability you’re looking for in your table.

  1. Go for surface laminated Scratch-resistant dining table to prevent long-term wear and tear, especially on a glass top dining set.

Different kinds of table tops are coming into vogue, including the marble top, granite top, and several others. A laminate dining table, where the tabletop is covered by a thin film, to reduce damage caused to the material is very important. 

  1. Keep an eye out for the naturally nonporous, anti-microbial dining table zinc top with its perfection as a centerpiece for the banquet of the family kitchen. These are easy-to-clean dining table tops with non-toxic soap and water.
  2. One of the small living room dining room combo layout ideas include buying extra chairs and using them as regular chairs for living room - when not in use under dining purpose.
dining side chairs with bowed back and a comfortable upholstered seat


A modern dining room ensemble consists of a table, chairs and a cabinet. Modern furniture, in general, is designed for space-saving and mobility purposes. Although modern dining room furniture is generally smaller than its conventional counterpart, it need not be boring. There are small dining tables with storage, cupboards and cabinets to suit any taste and requirements.

Adding on to the urban vibe of compactness, the new dining tables are often extendable, attached to walls, and also folding tables that you can put away till further use. Choosing dining room furniture with storage options helps organize a small space quite efficiently. Did you know? An average US household dining space measures around 14 x 16 feet.  

Smart space-saving cabinets including a  bar cabinet or a dining room glass cupboard to store utensils are apt for your room of minimum size. Small kitchen dining rooms may need extra cupboards for storage, which is precisely why you can go about buying it smartly. Buy small dining sets with storage options, with stackable shelves for the kitchen and the dinette.

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“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” - Albert Einstein


dark brown dining buffet cabinet



Visualize and plan the furniture alignment before purchasing it. Choosing the right dining room interior furniture design layout styles is about more than just looks, it's also about comfort, personalization and enjoyment. 

Choose from modern and casual dinette layouts based on furniture styles such as

  1. Mid-century minimalist
  2. Urban chic
  3. Modern
  4. Transitional
  5. Mediterranean
  6. Rustic/Cottage
  7. Lounge
  8. Minimalist
  9. Contemporary
  10. Accents
  11. Classy
  12. Victorian
  13. Eclectic
  14. Bohemian
  15. Scandinavian

.. and others. Read research guide


Scale and proportion are two important concepts when planning the layout of your family dining room. Consider the shape of the room as well as the kinds of furniture styles you want to choose. Calculate the factors like table-to-wall clearance and table-to-furniture clearance by using ratios.

First establish a room-to-furniture ratio. The right layout begins with the correct furniture dimensions. The ratio may vary from 1:8 to 1:6. Make sure to include enough space between the table and the room walls for comfortable movement through the room. 

Then establish a furniture dimensional ratio. As a general rule, dining tables should be long enough to accommodate the people seated around them and provide enough room for serving trays. A table with a length-to-width ratio of about 2:1 is ideal. And if space permits, your space looks more inviting with one or more extra chairs pushed under the table. Guests at home can pull out a chair rather than taking up floor space to join you for dinner. 

“Forget the floor plans. Arrange the furniture where it is most comfortable and will look best” -  Albert Hadley, American Interior Designer