How To Choose Luonto Sleeper Of The Right Size

How to Choose Luonto Sleeper of the Right Size

  1. Five Easy Tips to Help You Choose Luonto Sleeper of the Right Size
  2. Measure The Space
  3. Intended Use
  4. Choose The Sleeper Type
  5. Determine The Size Of The Sleeper
  6. Measure The Sleeper
  7. Where to find the best Luonto Sleepers?
  8. Conclusion
Are you looking for a Sleeper? Shop like a pro with these shopping tips. Save time, money, and hassle, and get the best sleeper from the comfort of your home.

Luonto is one of the most renowned and popular brands to manufacture the highest quality sleeper sofa. Since Luoto furniture has been on the market for over five decades, you can easily buy furniture without hesitation. Each Luonto furniture is made with precision and great attention to detail, resulting in durability and cost-effectiveness.

The company's innovative technology makes it easier to find sleepers with different styles and mechanisms to suit your needs. In addition, Luonto has a remarkable collection of sleepers in various materials, colors, sizes, and designs.

We understand that shopping online is not simple, even if you know which brand, website, or company to choose. We're here with a quick guide to help you buy the right sleeper size when choosing Luonto.

Let's make your shopping experience fun and easy with this blog.

Five Easy Tips to Help You Choose Luonto Sleeper Of The Right Size

Measure the Space

Measure the Space

The first step in choosing the right Luonto Sleeper size is always to measure the space where you will place it. Don't miss this step. Measure the length and width of the room to ensure the sleeper fits appropriately. It is also essential to measure all entrances and the surrounding area to ensure there is enough room to move.

Intended Use

Intended Use

Consider what will be the primary purpose of your sleeper sofa. Do you want to use it for guests or daily use? How many people will use it, both for sitting and sleeping? Where do you want to keep it, in your bedroom, guest room, or living room? Once you know the desired purpose, the selection process becomes straightforward.

Choose The Sleeper Type

Choose the Sleeper Type

The use and type of sleepers go hand in hand. After determining the intended use, it is now time to select the sleeper type. Luonto has a wide variety of sleeper sofa types to choose from, including Sectional Sleeper Sofas, Sleeper Chairs, Bunk bed sleepers, Sleeper Loveseats, traditional Sleeper Sofas, and more.

For instance, a sectional sleeper sofa is the best option to place your sleeper in the living room. Sectional sleepers provide more seating space and you can convert them into a bed when needed. Also, most sectional sleepers have a storage feature to help you store your extra bedding and belongings.

If you are looking for a comfortable chair, opting for a sleeper chair could be your best bet. Visually, it looks like a typical armchair and opens up into a bed that provides a comfortable sleep for a single person. Loveseat sleepers are ideal for small rooms. You can combine them with your sofa in your living room or keep them in the corner of your bedroom. And if necessary, use them as a bed.

Determine The Size Of The Sleeper

Determine the Size of the Sleeper

All of the factors that help determine the right size sleeper are interconnected. Apart from different styles, Luonto also offers the same sleepers in different sizes including Full, Queen, Twin, King, Cot, Full XL, and more. Now considering the factors we discussed earlier, such as available space, style, and intended use, will help you choose the size you want.

These sizes help you determine the sleeping area you'll get. King sleepers are the size of a typical king-sized bed and can comfortably accommodate two people to sleep with plenty of space. Twin sleepers are great for small spaces and can comfortably sleep one person. Full sleepers are slightly larger than twin sleepers and can sleep one or two people. Queen sleepers are good enough for two people to sleep comfortably.

Measure The Sleeper

Measure the Sleeper

In addition to all these factors, knowing how to measure the sleeper is crucial. All you have to do is compare the measurements to see if it fits your space and suits your needs by checking the overall measurements including the outside length, inside length (seats), width, mattress size, and the overall length when you open it.

You can find these dimensions in the specification section on the website. This will help you determine if the Luonto sleeper you have chosen is the right size.

Where To Find The Best Luonto Sleepers?

Where to find the best Luonto SleepersYou can find the best Luonto Sleeper Collection on Jennifer Furniture. They have a wide range of Luonto sleeper sofas available in different materials, styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and features. JF is also one of the leading websites to deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer service. You can visit for more information.


To sum up, Luonto is a trusted brand in the furniture industry, well-known for manufacturing quality sleeper sofas for over 59 years. The brand offers a wide range of sleepers with different styles and mechanisms to meet your needs.

Choosing the right Luonto sleeper size is crucial and requires careful consideration of factors such as available space, intended use, sleeper type, and size. Measuring the dimensions of the sleeper is also crucial to ensure it fits your space and meets your needs.

Jennifer Furniture is an excellent option to find the best Luonto sleeper collection, offering a wide range of options, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products. With these tips, you can make your shopping experience easy while finding the perfect Luonto sleeper sofa for your home.

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