How Can Tax Break Furniture Sales Help You Save?

How Can Tax Break Furniture Sales Help You Save

Is there anything more exciting than something you have been eyeing to buy is now available at a significant discount? Yes, the sales tax holiday—the magical time of year again when certain items are exempt from state or local sales taxes is finally here!

During this brief period, you can save significant money on everything from clothing to electronics to school supplies.

But have you been planning to get the best furniture for your home? That old rug, wobbling armchair, or broken dining table might need replacement. So, make the best use of the tax-break furniture sale with Jennifer Furniture.

This article is here to underscore the importance of this sale and highlight the benefits you will be reaping.


Tax break sales are more than just saving on taxes for all the furniture you buy during this period. Let’s take a look at the benefits of tax-break furniture sales.

1. You Save On Taxes

You save on taxes

As the name suggests, you save big on tax break periods. As retailers are either asked to reduce the amount of sales tax or not to charge a penny on qualifying furniture, you save money on taxes. By saving on tax, you save a significant amount depending on the furniture cost you will buy.

Thus, tax breaks sales make it more accessible for a wider range of consumers to purchase goods.

2. You Can Grab The Furniture At Reduced Prices

You Can Grab The Furniture At Reduced Prices

As you already know, retailers offer fantastic discounts on almost all furniture items during the tax break furniture sale.

These tax breaks on furniture sales can make furniture more affordable for those who might otherwise struggle to purchase new furniture. This is your big opportunity to grab the same furniture at a reduced price. Thus saving your pocket.

For example, if you live in a state with a 6% sales tax rate and purchase a $1,000 sofa during a sales tax holiday, you would save $60 in sales tax. This can make an important difference in the total cost of your purchase.

3. You Can Get Financing Options

You Can Get Financing Options

Did you know retailers may offer special financing options such as 0% interest for a period? So, you not only get to pay for your favorites at a low price but also get access to extra features.

If you dreamed of buying a large leather recliner set, you can not only grab it at a discounted price with the tax break sale. But also spread out the cost over several months.

We help our customers with financing options during tax break furniture sales at Jennifer Furniture. You can get premium furniture for as little as $84 monthly over 18 months at 0% APR. It's applicable when you make a minimum purchase of $1500.

4. The Perfect Timing

The Perfect Timing

You will not buy furniture often, and in most cases, you usually wait for a seasonal sale. Also, buying furniture is, in fact, a big investment.

So, why not buy furniture during tax break furniture sales? Since this sale is held during major holidays and back-to-school season, you get the opportunity to time your furniture purchases and save big.

In short, tax break furniture sales make upgrading your existing furniture more affordable. Maybe you want to replace that worn-out sofa or finally invest in a quality mattress. With discounts and potential tax savings, now could be the perfect time to make those upgrades without breaking the bank.

5. You Help The Retailers

You help the retailers

Yes, you read it right. Tax breaks on furniture sales stimulate the economy. Well, by incentivizing furniture purchases, tax breaks on furniture sales can stimulate the local economy.

But have you thought that when consumers spend money on furniture, they support the retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses that make up the furniture industry?

In fact, the positive impact extends beyond just retailers. Furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers all help from increased demand generated by tax break sales. This ripple effect throughout the supply chain helps keep and create jobs in various sectors. Thus further boosting economic activity.


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There is no excitement than finding a great deal on something you have wanted to buy for a long time. We hope you will find the best furniture at low prices that fits your personal taste and budget during the tax break sale. If you have any questions regarding this tax break furniture sale, check here; we have answered the frequently asked questions.