What should I look for when buying a sleeper sofa?

Sleeper sofa is a seater consisting of a pull-out convertible mattress. It takes less than a minute to transform a sofa to a bed. Modern lifestyle has merged the living space and bedroom. A full size or queen size sleeper couch bridges the gap, and is the ultimate amalgamation of a sofa and a bed. Match the miracle of modernity with multitasking furniture. 

sleeper sofa good for health

How is a Sleeper Sofa good for health?

Sleeping on a sleeper sofa or sleeper couch is advisable primarily because of the characteristic pop-out and foldable mattress that comes along with it. The mattress holds the key to the support and comfort on it. The urban style of living demands utility and productivity from every dimension! 

If you sleep on a sofa that is meant to be seated on, you’ll face several immediate discomforts which are likely to build-up into grave health concerns. Below are a few primary health concerns.

  • A minor sprain on your neck can turn to vertigo / spondylosis if you keep on sleeping on a sofa. 
  • Same goes for a disturbed spinal alignment which can cause nerve damage, back pain, brain discoordination, limb pain, and other serious health issues when sleeping on a sofa.
  • Good sleep is always the first choice.

It supports all health aspects. May it be an additional need for a sleeper or, a compact way of living in a small apartment; an everyday sleeper sofa wraps every need flawlessly! Choosing the ideal one for you is very crucial in the long term for overall physical and mental comfort.

choosing a sleeper sofa

How to choose a Sleeper Sofa?

Do be confused with excessive judging parameters while you purchase. Following are the core factors to maintain while choosing from the available huge range.

Versatile Sizes & Dimensions.

Popular Dimensions of these sofas range from 1-seater chairs to 65 inch sleeper sofa and upto 84 inch sleeper sofa. See the Chart below with dimension ranges and mattress size to match needed requirements.

Sleeper Size

Sleeper Dimension Ranges

Mattress Width

Single - Sleeper Bed

49" to 65"

30" to 34"

Twin (Loveseat) Sleeper

50" to 68"

36" to 39"

Double Sleeper Couch

67" to 83"

52" to 55"

Queen Sleeper Sofa

75" to 96"

58" to 62"

King Sleeper 

84" to 92"

74" to 76"

Chaise Sectional Sleeper

99" x 59" to 132" x 86"

52" to 66"

Fabric - complement & compliment.

Fabrics offer a broad range of upholstery: microfibers, natural fibers, leather, velvets, twills, corduroys etc. Sleeper sofa fabrics include several printed designs too - including geometric, floral, checkered and striped patterns. Choose the ideal sleeper sofa such as a classic leather style or a modern floral one which goes with the overall theme of the room.

The Color of one's personality!

Walls speak, give an impression of your expression through them. Create a statement with the perfect color & accurately reflect one's decor sense! May it be earthy neutrals such as  beige, tan, taupe, rusty red, white, cream, brown, chocolate, and green, moxie or vibrant blue, yellows, reds, etc. You can choose the fabrics and types of sleeper you feel will work best in a home. Colors define a lot about you, choose wisely!

sleeper sofa colors

What is the price of Sleeper Sofa?

The price of  a sleeper sofa varies from $399.99 to $14,999.99.  

  • For a beginner’s compact apartment and limited budget there are a spectrum of versatile choices of sofas under $500 - $1000. 
  • For ensuring maximum elite comfort and elegance, there are luxury furnishings up till $14,999.99.

When you are positive about buying quality furniture for daily use, the budget should not be a problem. Level up to luxury. Choose from budget-friendly price ranges :

  • $399.99 - $500
  • $500 - $1,000
  • $1,000 - $5,000
  • $5,000 - $10,000
  • $10,000 - $15,000

Buy Sleeper Sofa by Brand or by Choice

Finding a perfect combination of brand and popularity for a sleeper sofa is always a tough decision. Here is how thoughts may vary:

  • All sleeper sofa brands primarily come with goodwill, trust and usually a cent percent assurance of authenticity & premium quality. You choose from what you are offered. You get what you pay for, excluding some occasionally added brand value on the retail price. 

These superior furniture having a default go-to factor in them, restricts the consumer to look for what they really envisioned in the first place. They are mostly considered the best due to brand name and quality of the furniture.

  • Popularity, trend and style of sleeper sofa helps you see the bigger picture. Buyers’ needs are often prioritized and you gain the flexibility to search through ranges of popular best selling collections to quench the demand to its brim. Styles include - traditional, modern, contemporary, casual and classic.

Shopping by trend can backfire at times when someone virtually manipulates a vague trend to be in vogue - thereby indoctrinating shoppers with false information.

Sleeper Sofa versus Sectionals / Sofa Beds

Find the importance of a separate set of comfort-dedicated mattress in a sleeper couch quite remarkable. The multifaceted benefitting seater cum sleeper furniture isn't just fun to use, looks elegant, feels comfortable and strong, but usually is a brilliant investment option due to its durable superior build. Shop smartly categorized market ruling top-selling sleeper couches that not only look but are also a smart solution for a modern house. Below are the main points of distinction between an ordinary seater sofa vs a multipurpose sleeper one.

sleeper sofa benefits


Best space saving choice for a room 

Small sleeper sofa can fit in the small space living room like a normal sofa while also being liked by guests. Spare rooms or extra beds can be avoided for guests' use when you get this beautiful modern piece of craft to style a room with ongoing trends.

Imagine saving the whole lot of money that you may have to spend while getting a spare room or new bed for guests. Shop compact designs for the best utilization of a living space. You can even have this awesomely versatile furnishing inside of an office, home work-unit or even in a gym workout room.

The Comfort Locker

Get a beautiful, convertible sleeper sofa complementing an awesome living room with amazing interiors that also serves as a comfy soft bed where you can easily fall asleep. Interestingly, the comfort of its fold-in mattress hits you differently and you experience a better, calmer and more relaxed sleep compared to that on a bed. The sleeping option becomes rather underwhelming in sectionals and sofa beds due to the mattress. It eventually makes the sleeper couch guarantee unparalleled experience with a premier quality mattress made an intrinsic part. Guests and kids will definitely love to spend their time on the best  sleeper sofa.

Decor of a discreet design

Sleeper couches are upgraded and modernized to the brim of latest designs, discrete features and unique ideas. It may look just like an ordinary sofa to the guests until and unless they experience and explore themselves. Surprise them and amaze them with all new and sophisticated sleeper furniture with the most comfortable seats. Go for it blindly over sofa beds or sectional sofa if you have a small space or compact apartment.  

Sleeper couches are now more in trend than ever before for their usefulness and comfort. Also you save a lot of money as you get both a sofa and a bed in the same furniture.

Amazing! Isn't it? Having one means you don't really need a spare room designed for guests with extra beds and other furniture. Get the sophisticated and classic look with leather sleeper sofa or with the elegance of velvet. A crafted heartthrob for guests and other visitors, the added class of leather will be loving it more. 

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