9 Different Types of Recliners Sofa

Discover the Different Types of Recliners for Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation

When you start a conversation about different recliner sofa types, many people would tell you there are two types: manual and power reclining sofas. But in reality, there are more than 8 different types of reclining sofas besides these, such as rocker recliners, wall-hugger recliners, sectional recliners, etc.

This article gives you a quick walkthrough on types of reclining sofas. So, if you plan to buy a recliner sofa for your home to create a cozy place, continue reading to get the best one.


Below you will find different types of recliner sofas. But remember, some reclining mechanisms are available only in a single-seat sofa chair than three-seater.

1. Manual Recliner Sofa

Manual recliner sofa

A manual recliner sofa features one or more seats that can be reclined using a manual reclining mechanism rather than an electric motor. This type of recliner has a lever or handle using which you can pull or push to adjust the angle of the backrest.

Since these recliner sofas rely on the user's physical effort to adjust the backrest and footrest to the desired position, many people prefer manual recliners to power recliners.

However, they are often more affordable than their electric recliner counterparts. And it can be a great option for you if you are looking for a comfortable and functional seating solution for your home.

2. Power Recliner Sofa

Power recliner sofa

You must check the power recliner sofa if you seek a dreamy and luxurious lounge solution for your home.

The power recliner sofa holds the magical throne of comfort that offers relaxation to the next level by reclining to your desired position with the touch of a button. It's like having a personal butler who caters to every comfort need with the push of a button.

Whether you want to prop up your feet, recline back and watch a movie, or simply lounge in ultimate comfort, a power recliner sofa has you covered.

Some power recliner sofas may also have additional features, such as a built-in massager, heat therapy, or multiple recline positions, that can be controlled through a remote control or control panel.

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3. Rocker Recliner

Rocker recliner

Sometimes it is too boring just to get a recliner sofa that reclines backward and stays still. How about a recliner sofa that rocks back and forth apart from reclining and adds extra spice to your comfort and relaxation?

Here, the rocking motion is created by the base of the chair, which is mounted on rocking legs or a rocking mechanism.

If you want to enjoy a gentle swaying motion of a rocking chair in your recliners or if you struggle with falling asleep at night, you know which type to choose.

4. Glider Recliner

Glider recliner

The glider recliner sofa is so similar to a rocker recliner that you will confuse the two. This recliner sofa type features a smooth gliding motion in addition to the traditional reclining mechanism.

The use of metal glider mechanisms creates this gliding motion. This allows the chair to glide smoothly back and forth while moving on the track. At the same time, the recliner allows you to recline the backrest and raise the footrest.

Note: Technically, rocker and glider recliners can be offered in a sofa, loveseat, and chair. But glider recliners are mostly offered as a chair. This doesn't mean they are unavailable but manufactured in fewer numbers.

5. Swivel Recliner

swivel recliner

Think of a recliner that can act as your personal spaceship and take you on a journey of relaxation and comfort. That's what a swivel recliner provides you with.

A swivel recliner has a rotating base that allows the seat to swivel in a 360-degree motion. This allows the user to easily change the direction of the chair without having to get up and move the entire chair.

With a swivel recliner, you can swivel to face the TV, spin around to chat with a friend, or recline back for a nap, all without ever leaving your seat.

So, if you want to add some excitement to your relaxation time, hop on board a swivel recliner and let the journey begin!

6. Push-back Recliner

Push-back recliner

Push-back recliners easily recline without the help of a lever or a button press. Rather the person sitting on the recliner sofa chair must lean back and exert pressure on the back of the chair.

Since it lacks a lever or a button, these recliners look like regular armchairs when not in the reclined position.

7. Wall-hugger Recliner

Wall-hugger recliner

What's unique about this wall-hugger recliner is that its unique mechanism allows it to recline without taking up much space in the room.

Unlike traditional recliners, which need a large amount of space behind the chair to recline fully, wall-hugger recliners are designed to recline while staying close to the wall.

So this makes them ideal for use in small living rooms, bedrooms, or any other space with limited floor space.

8. Lift Recliner

Lift recliner

A lift recliner is designed to assist people who find it challenging to stand up from a seated position. It has an electric motor that raises the chair's seat to a near-standing position, making it easier for the user to get up and out of the chair.

Lift recliners are often used by people with mobility issues, arthritis, or other physical limitations.

9. Dual Recliner Sofa

Dual recliner sofa

Usually, 3-seater sofas with reclining mechanisms have recliners only on both ends, and the middle seat remains neutral.

Here dual recliner loveseats are two-seater sofas where both seats recline without any issue. Each seat has its reclining mechanism, so either two people can recline at the same time. Or, one person can recline while the other remains in a seated position.

Dual recliner sofas are designed to comfortably accommodate two people and ideally suit living room areas with space constraints.

Final Words

Recliners have been in the furniture industry for more than a century now. But it is gaining attention in the last decade. In fact, today, recliners are an extremely popular type of furniture and are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors to fit with any decor.

Since the standards for reclining technology are posing significant improvement, many tend to invest in one considering the immense comfort it offers.

So, whether you are looking for a traditional leather recliner, a contemporary swivel recliner, or a lift recliner with added features, there's a recliner to suit every taste and budget.