Choosing the most comfortable power recliner sofa

A recliner sofa feels perfect when it blends perfectly with the style of a room and  gives long term health benefits. The comfort is achieved with a power reclining sofa’s freedom of mobility, proven durability and relaxation. The choice is popularly done in respect of budget, decoration and comfort level.  

What is a Recliner Sofa?

A recliner is an armchair that reclines or raises its front according to the user's lowering or elevating the chair's back and front! It usually has a backrest which the user can tilt according to their convenience, and also has a footrest. The footrest can be extended by the levers present on both sides of the chair. 

With trending reclining sofas in the market, choosing the perfect reclining sofa for the living room is a cumbersome exercise. In the urban home interior, the multifunctional power sectional sofas with recliners are popular as the centerpiece for entertainment, work as well as sleeping purposes. While buying a reclining power sofa for available space in a room, one should never overlook the important factors like mechanism and built-quality over price and comfort factor.


Texline power reclining sectional sofa


Modern Power Reclining Sofas

There are primarily two types of recliner sofas – in manual recliners, one has to push back the sofa with their body to recline the sofa, while the electric recliners are motorized, and recline by pushing a button. An automated modern power reclining sofa has a ‘power’ on/off feature and needs to be plugged in. 

Modern power reclining sofas are an upgrade to our normal regular sofas. It is always exciting to find the most comfortable reclining sofas for available floor space. One should deep check technical specifications while buying a power recliner sofa, generally priced higher for this reason. 

Features of a Power Recliner Sofa

  • Many power reclining sofas have a USB to charge small electronic devices and have a console in the middle to store remote controls and essentials. Some have pockets or drop-down tables on both sides to hold magazines, books, and other necessities.
  • Oftentimes these recliners have cup holders which are plastic for easy cleaning. 
  • Comfort is the primary scale of consideration when it comes to buying a power reclining sofa. 

Dual power reclining sofas mainly have the features of a headrest and a footrest while triple power reclining sofas are the top reclining sofas that have both of these with adjustable lumbar support. For a family or friends movie time, a comfy four-seater grey recliner sofa is a must. 

Choosing the best electric reclining sofa with a lumbar support mechanism is important because –

  • It encourages spinal flexibility which reduces stress and helps to get the most relaxation posture.
  • With the help of the adjustable headrest and lumbar, it prevents spondylitis and improves blood circulation which is good for cardiac health.


The Man-Den electric reclining set


Benefit of Power Reclining Sofas

The increasing popularity of the modern power reclining sofa is backed by interesting advantages:. 

  • Power reclining sofas are normally long-lasting and easy to repair. 
  • Though the power reclining sofas generally occupy a wholesome space in a hall room, it provides comfort and helps to relax. 
  • Usually preferred recliner size for a small living space is a 2 seater loveseat power recliner sofa

Contemporary recliner sofas for traditional home decor 

They are slightly bigger in size. Manufactured with strong hardwood frames, they come with memory foam to ensure foremost comfort and body alignment. These have serpentine, the upholstery is made of premium materials (sometimes leather). It does give a premium look to the sofa.

Classic reclining sofas have bigger cushions to provide more comfort and are thus considered by designers for modern home decor. The frame is made of hardwood and that is why it is sturdy. It has a coiled spring, while sitting it offers resistance.

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The healthy choices of recliner sofas

The fabric of a recliner couch plays a pivotal role in holding the key to your health in the long term. Prefer a 4 seater recliner sofa to prioritize physical well being and support.

  • A genuine leather reclining sofa is the pre-eminent for those who are super productive and need power naps / relaxation breaks. Besides that, it is immensely comfortable, long-lasting, and pet-friendly. 
  • For those who detest animal-derived products including leathers and are conscious about the environment, the Leatherette power recliner sets with chaise can flawlessly be as good as leather sectionals. To add the cherry on top, they are less costly and a budget-friendly choice.
  • Other than that, velvet looks very aristocratic and classy. It’s considered the finest leather alternative option, but needs regular maintenance and catches dirt easily. 
  • For pet owners polyester, microfiber and microsuede will be the right option as these materials are resistant to the claws and teeth of the pet. 

Other than a couple of prime quality factors should be highlighted while choosing the most comfortable fabric for the power reclining sofas:-

  • The fabric should be eco-friendly and anti-microbial. It should be resistant to mold, odor-causing bacteria, and mildew. 
  • Fabrics should give relaxation and should be easy to clean while withstanding wear and tear.

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Sky Microfiber Power Reclining Sofa

Things to consider before buying a recliner sofa set

  • The analysis of the existing decor is needed, as it helps facilitate the perfect blend-ability of the recliner with the room. 
  • Consideration of the dimensions of the recliner as well as the space available in a living area to accommodate it gracefully. (Sometimes a sofa looks awesome in a showroom, but looks weird in a small room.)

The difference in dimensions and functionality between reclining sofa and loveseat

  • Reclining Loveseats - Both the sides recline and each half can be controlled independently in a reclining loveseat. There are both a reclining backrest and a footrest. Double recliner sofas are generally over 60’’, a preferred option for small family gatherings and couples.

  • Reclining Sofas - usually have only one side which reclines, and only the footrest moves. It is generally over 72’’ or larger and three people can sit comfortably. Sectionals may have an attached ottoman that extends 24’’-30’’.

Choosing a durable reclining sofa

Power Recliner couch has a lot of equally competent upholstery options to choose from like leather, fabric, microfiber and microsuede. The point of distinction where a power recliner sofa wins the race of durability is that they wear-off at a far slower rate than the manual recliner sofa

Few trending types of reclining sofas to opt for:

  1. Massage recliners are the most popular in the market. It is generally a single-seater and it massages the back and neck of the body.
  2. Wall hugger recliners are popular because they take up very small space in the room.
  3. Rocker recliners are generally good for relaxation as it rocks and reclines.
  4. Gliders are perfect for small spaces as it has several reclining angles. It can be very close to the wall so it allows one to lie down and watch TV comfortably.
  5. Most people consider the safest option as the timeless classic reclining chairs as it generally goes with all households. 

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