The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Your Recliner Sofa

The Ultimate Maintenance Guide for Your Recliner Sofa

As you drag yourself through the front door after a long exhausting day, you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your muscles ache, your mind is cluttered with the day's events, and all you can think about is collapsing onto the safe and cozy haven placed in your living room - the recliner.

We bet it would be your daily ritual to melt away and take immense rest on your recliner. But what if your recliner stinks or sags? However, it was bought only recently, and you experienced this.

Because you forgot to do one thing, which is "Maintenance." In general, every piece of furniture has its lifespan and can work properly to some extent only. But when maintained well, you can surely extend its life.

This article has some practical tips on how to make your recliner sofa serve you for many years. Let's get started.

How to Make Your Recliner Sofa Serve You for Many Years?

Fabric recliners need extra attention

Fabric recliners need extra attention

When compared to leather recliners, fabric ones are easy to maintain, but it requires more care. 

Because fabric material naturally attracts more dust and dirt and harbor germs, unlike leather recliners. 

So, you must do regular vacuuming to remove the dust and debris and steam it occasionally to remove stains and odors. 

But it is also essential to avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric. Some types of fabric may require special care, such as dry cleaning.

Note: Before cleaning your fabric recliner, check the care label or manufacturer's instructions to determine the appropriate cleaning method for the specific type of fabric.

Leather recliners also need maintenance

Leather recliners also need maintenance

You must have read that leather recliners need less maintenance than fabric recliners. Yes, but that doesn't mean it would need zero maintenance. 

The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often the recliner is used and its exposure to dirt, dust, and other contaminants. It's recommended to clean your leather recliner every six to twelve months.

There are certain things you must remember if you have a leather recliner. 

Leather is an expensive and natural material. So you mustn't place it near a window where it gets direct sunlight. Otherwise, it will make the leather hard and break over time.

Besides, this decolorization will also pose a problem.

Avoid using water to clean it. Rather use a steam cleaner. Though it is expensive, it is worth it over time. Apart from removing dirt, it also eliminates the bad smell accumulated on it.

In most cases, people hire professionals to clean the leather recliner. 

Take care of the reclining mechanism

Take care of the reclining mechanism

How much do you love your recliner? Its smooth reclining function provides you ample comfort, and this mechanism is what you pay for. 

However, whether it is a recliner chair or sofa, you must take care of the reclining mechanism to ensure it's working for a long time. 

Otherwise, it will lose its ability. Because over time, the reclining mechanism would become loose or worn and leading to multiple problems such as difficulty in reclining, uncomfortable seating, and even safety issues pop up.

Regular maintenance of the reclining mechanism can prevent these issues and help extend the life of the recliner.

So, to maintain the smooth functioning of the recliner, you must oil the mechanism regularly. If, in case, the tilt mechanism has become rigid, consider seeking professional help to repair it.

Practical Tips for Caring for Your Recliner Sofa

Don't sit on the armrests

Nobody would want to sit on a recliner's armrests. But avoid sitting on the armrests for a few mins as well or casually. Because this can cause the material to stretch or sag over time. 

Use a protective cover

Using a protective cover is a brilliant idea to protect your recliner sofa from dust and dirt. Especially if you have kids and pets, a protective cover can protect the sofa from scratches, spills, and stains.

Rotate seat cushions and pillows

Usually, you will have a particular spot in your recliner and tend to sit on it repeatedly. So, remember to rotate seat cushions and pillows as this helps maintain an even wear on your recliner. This practice prevents any one area of the sofa from being worn down more than the rest; try this. 

Where you place the recliner is important

The location of the recliner can affect the longevity of your recliner. Keep your recliner sofa away from direct sunlight, radiators, or heating vents, as these heat sources can cause the material to fade, dry out, or crack over time.

Avoid smoking near the fabric recliner sofa

Did you know that if you smoke getting seated on the recliner, the fabric can accumulate an odor? But what is worse is this can fasten the aging of the fabric material.

Use the sweat-resistant spray on the sofa

After a long day or coming home from roaming under the sun can make you profusely sweat. When you return home, the first thing you will do is sit on your recliner. 

To avoid sweat getting stuck to the recliner and smelling of sweat over time, use sweat-resistant spray on the sofa.

Avoid over-loading your recliner

Recliner sofas, although sturdy, should not be subjected to excessive weight. Otherwise, it can harm their frames and spring coils. To avoid any damage, it is recommended to utilize the recliner sofa in its intended manner. Ensure you don't overuse or over-reclining the mechanisms.


Your favorite recliner sofa beckons you, promising to offer the rest you desperately crave after a long day. This is your sanctuary, your refuge from the stresses of the outside world, and the place where you can truly let go and rejuvenate.

The only favor you can do to it is to offer the best maintenance so that it can serve you better. Neglecting maintenance can lead to sagging, uneven cushioning, and reduced support, which can be uncomfortable and even painful to sit on.

Meanwhile, regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent stains, discoloration, and other forms of damage, keeping the recliner looking new and appealing for years to come.