Your Definitive Shopping Guide To Luxury Dining Room Furniture

Your Definitive Shopping Guide To Luxury Dining Room Furniture


  1. Introduction
  2. What Style Do You Prefer In Your Luxury Dining Furniture?
  3. Some Popular Dining Room Styles
  4. How To Choose A Luxury Dining Table?
  5. How To Choose A Luxury Dining Chair?
  6. Are You Also Shopping For A Luxury Buffet?
  7. Final Words

Food, family, friends and some good vibes come together in the heart of your home, called the dining room. Are you thinking about upgrading your not-so-cool dining room into a luxurious haven?

Then, it's time to invest in the best luxury dining furniture. Luxury dining room furniture creates an ambiance that boosts these moments, making them feel more special and memorable.

In fact, investing in a well-furnished dining room is an investment in the art of togetherness. However, you can't simply scroll through a luxury dining room furniture collection and find the one you fall in love with. This blog is the starting point that can guide you in picking the right luxury dining room furniture. Mainly, we have covered the dining room sets that come with a dining table and a dining chair.

Before you dive in, answer these questions:

  • Are you planning to place your luxury dining room furniture indoors or outdoors?
  • How many people do you want to accommodate?
  • Do you prefer a formal or informal dining space?

By answering these questions, you will have some idea of what to choose. Now let's dive in.

What Style Do You Prefer In Your Luxury Dining Furniture?

First Things First: You need to know your preferred style for luxury dining furniture. There are two main dining room styles, such as formal or informal:

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining room

If you have some special guests dining at your place or you have celebratory meals and fine dining, a formal dining space is what you need.

So, this style is all about elegance and sophistication, which means you will find large, polished tables with matching chairs, fancy lighting fixtures like chandeliers, and maybe even some fine china on display.

In short, formal style looks classy and is a sure proof way to impress your guests with your refined taste.

Informal Dining Room

Informal dining room

On the other hand, informal dining rooms are all about comfort. You choose a more relaxed and laid-back style for your dining room.

Here, you will find smaller, more casual tables, comfy chairs that you can sink into, and softer lighting for a cozy atmosphere. It's the kind of space where you can gather with friends and family for a relaxed meal without any fuss.

Whether you want an informal or formal style for your luxury dining rooms, choose from the below-given styles.

Contemporary Style

    Contemporary style

    This style is all about embracing simplicity while still making a statement. So, it has clean lines, simplicity yet elegance, and sleek designs, making it look stunning.

    Rustic Style

      Rustic style

      Do you wish to bring the warmth and coziness of the countryside into your dining room? Choose rustic charm style that's all about celebrating the beauty of natural materials.

      Scandinavian Style

        Scandinavian style

        Want a simple, stylish and oh-so-inviting dining room? Choose luxury dining furniture in this style, which draws inspiration from the minimalistic design principles of Nordic countries.

        Industrial Style

          Industrial style

          Have you ever wanted a unique style for your dining room? Give industrial style a chance. Imagine your luxury dining furniture with exposed brick, metal accents, and raw materials that create an edgy vibe.

          Classic Style

            Classic Style

            For those who prefer a more timeless look, classic elegance never goes out of style. Think traditional furniture pieces and luxurious fabrics, which all make this style perfect for those who love to entertain in style.

             How To Choose A Luxury Dining Table?

            The dining table is the centerpiece of your dining room. Opt for a luxury dining table that complements your style and accommodates your desired number of diners comfortably. Plus, it's best to consider factors like shape—rectangular, round, square, or size—and any additional features, such as extendable leaves.

            1. Materials

            While shopping for luxury dining furniture, the material must be carefully chosen, especially for luxury outdoor dining furniture sets or garden dining furniture. Some of most-sought after materials for a luxury dining table are:

            Solid Wood

              Solid Wood

              Dining tables made of solid wood give a warm feel. So, check for options like oak, walnut, mahogany and cherry, which are popular choices for luxury dining tables.



                Marble dining tables are durable. There is no doubt about it. But what makes it the best is that they are like the Beyonce of dining tables that easily steal the spotlight.



                  If you want a modern, sleek dining table that's perfect for creating an airy, open feel in your dining space, glass dining tables are the best.



                    Stainless steel, brass, and copper are popular choices for luxury dining tables. If you want a contemporary vibe and durable table that's resistant to wear and tear, choose this material.



                      Parchment is a super-fine animal skin covering applied to wooden panels using a specialist and very traditional craftsman technique. This gives a luxe look.

                      Mixed materials

                        Mixed materials

                        Why settle for one material when you can have a combination of two or more? Yes, designers who design luxury dining table play with two or more materials. So, imagine a dining table blended with wood, metal, and glass, giving a unique blend of textures and finishes and creating a visually striking focal point in your dining room.

                        2. Check The Craftsmanship

                        You also pay for the craftsmanship in your luxury dining furniture. So, besides checking the high-quality material, take a look at the precision and attention to detail in every piece.

                        For instance: Take a close look at how the different parts of the furniture are joined together. In luxury dining tables, the joinery is essential for both durability and aesthetics.

                        Check if there are some hand-carved designs, hand-applied finishes that show the artisans dedication and skills.

                        3. How Is The Functional Design?

                        This is about functionality and ergonomics. For instance, check if

                        • The dining table's extension mechanisms are smoothly operating,
                        • The dining furniture comes with practical features such as built-in storage or concealed drawers.

                        4. Measure Every Piece

                        Measure Every Piece

                        The reason why measuring your dining furniture matters is that it ensures that your dining furniture fits comfortably in the designated space without overcrowding or making the space feel too cramped. So, to determine the right size of dining table and chairs, follow the number rule - measure them.

                        But how to measure and what things to look up?

                        We suggest getting an idea of the footprint of your dining table and making a 2D mock up out of paper and laying it on the floor where the dining table will be placed.

                        As a rule of thumb, you must allow 60 centimetres per dinner and 70 centimetres for carver chairs. Refer to the below-given table for more specific suggested dimensions:

                          4 People 6 People 8 People
                        Rectangular 150 x 75cm / 60" x 30" 140 x 95cm / 55" x 37" 175 x 90cm / 69" x 35"
                        Square 90 x 95cm / 35" x 37" N/A N/A
                        Circular (diameter) 105cm /41" 120cm /47" 150cm / 59"

                        How To Choose A Luxury Dining Chair?

                        1. Armed Or Armless?

                        armed or armless

                        A luxury dining chair that has a carver with arms and a standard without arms dining chair. These chairs are available in either round, oval or square. On rectangular tables, you will often find standard dining chairs along the long sides, with carvers positioned at the heads of the table.

                        And when it comes to luxury dining chairs, comfort is the first key. So, look out for upholstered designs that are well-cushioned and covered in durable fabric. Plus, the chair's seat must provide ergonomic support and comfortable seating proportions.

                        2. Materials To Check

                        Some signs that a dining chair is of luxury quality are padding, foam, webbing and strapping. These things ensure that you get the most comfortable seat and that the chair maintains its shape well throughout the years. Also, the chair should be made of any solid wood.

                        3. Measure It

                        As a rule of thumb, the minimum depth measurement for dining chairs is 45 centimeters and the seat height is 46 centimeters. The width of the dining chair will obviously be different based on the styles, especially between carvers or standard designs.

                        Next, leave at least 80 centimeters between the back of a pulled-out chair and the wall or sideboard to allow for easy foot traffic and safe serving. Consider how versatile the chairs are. Can they be easily moved around for different occasions?

                        Are You Also Shopping For A Luxury Buffet?

                        Are you also shopping for a luxury buffet

                        Besides checking the material, style and functionality, it’s best that you check the buffet’s size. Usually has an average depth; the front-to-back part measures between 20 inches and 22 inches. The side-to-side of the buffet is, on average, 60 inches.

                        Usually, a buffet must be of the same height so you can comfortably serve food from the top. So, it's best that you consider the standard height of your kitchen counters, which is 36 inches. However, some buffets are 34 inches to 38 inches tall.

                        Final Words

                        So, there you have it - your guide to purchasing luxury dining room furniture! With these tips in mind, we believe that you are well-equipped to invest in the best dining furniture.

                        Last but not least, establish a budget for your luxury dining furniture purchase and stick to it. Consider the long-term value and durability of the set when evaluating its cost. Factor in any additional expenses for delivery, assembly, or customization.