Best High-End Furniture Brands To Shop In 2024

Best High-End Furniture Brands to Shop


  1. Best Luxury Furniture Brands To Shop In 2024
  2. Bernhardt
  3. Natuzzi
  4. Flexsteel
  5. Magnussen
  6. AICO
  7. American Leather
  8. Final Words

Finding the brand that reflects you in its furniture is a huge task!

So, we have gathered some extremely crisp information for you to figure out which one of these high-end pieces of furniture is perfect for your place. The blog covers six major players in the industry, including their type of furniture, price ranges, why they are considered to be high-end brands, and more.

From its design to its making, each brand has its own uniqueness, which is reflected in its making. If you wish to make your interior spaces reflect you, choosing the right brand, the right piece, and the right aesthetic is highly important. By choosing the right things, you have the opportunity to make your place no less than art itself.

Best Luxury Furniture Brands To Shop In 2024

1. Bernhardt


Bernhardt, a distinguished name in the world of furniture, stands as the epitome of timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Established in 1889, Bernhardt has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, creating a legacy of exceptional quality and sophisticated design. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Bernhardt has become synonymous with luxury and high-end furniture.

Furniture Collection:

Bernhardt makes furniture ranging from dining pieces to bedroom pieces. You can find furniture in the range of dining halls, living rooms, workspaces, and outdoor. All of them have unique choices as well, like cocktail and accent tables for the outdoors, motion seating for the living room, and more.

Price Range:

Bernhardt is a luxury brand, but the best part is that it is among the more affordable luxury furniture brands in North America. Their ranges are mostly between $1000 and above. Like benches are around $1500, cocktail tables are around $2000, and more!

Why Bernhardt is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

Bernhardt is known for a lot of things, like craftsmanship, materials, innovation, customization, and more, but one thing that stands out is that their designs convey a story. Bernhardt collaborates with many of the leading designers and creates furniture that speaks for itself.

2. Natuzzi


Natuzzi, a renowned name in the realm of luxury furniture, has carved a niche for itself by seamlessly blending Italian craftsmanship with contemporary design. Established in 1959 by Pasquale Natuzzi in Apulia, Italy, the brand has become synonymous with refined aesthetics, superior quality, and a commitment to delivering an unparalleled seating experience.

Furniture Collection:

The furniture collection at Natuzzi ranges from living areas, dining areas, bedrooms, decor, and more. They have two different aspects to their brand. One is the Natuzzi Italia, and the other is the Natuzzi Editions. Here, the Natuzzi Italia is the exclusive line of products with higher pricing, and the Natuzzi Editions are more accessible and typical.

Price Range:

Natuzi Italia ranges between $5,500 and $6,500 mostly and goes up too. Meanwhile, the furniture pieces in the Natuzzi Edition start around $1700.

Why Natuzzi is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

The one thing that makes Natuzzi stand out, apart from its great job in premium use of materials, customization, and innovative designs, is its Italian craftsmanship. The brand's commitment to maintaining this heritage is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the use of time-honored techniques.

3. Flexsteel


In the furniture industry, Flexsteel is considered the gold standard because to its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to creating items that perfectly combine comfort, durability, and design. Since its founding in 1893, Flexsteel has defined itself as a name that is closely associated with elegance and sophistication.

Furniture Collection:

Flexsteel offers a range of products for your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, outdoors, and more. They have sumptuously upholstered sofas and opulent dining sets, refined bedroom ensembles, and ergonomic office solutions to give your interiors a look that is just outstanding and unique.

Price Range:

The price range of Flexsteel mostly starts around $1000 and then goes upwards, with an average of $2,000 to $3,000 for a lot of products. The price range differs from piece to piece.

Why Flexsteel is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

With a lot of things that are great about the brand, the one place where Flexsteel stands out is their “design like no other.”. Their designs use patent technology and are handcrafted, which not only makes them look more aesthetic but also, at the same time, makes them more durable. This blend reflects the grace of the products and the luxury of this brand, right?

4. Magnussen


Magnussen is a distinguished brand renowned for its commitment to crafting exquisite and high-quality furniture that transcends mere functionality to become a statement of luxury and sophistication. With a legacy spanning more than 90 years rooted in craftsmanship and design excellence, Magnussen has established itself as a prominent player in the world of upscale furniture.

Furniture Collection:

Magunssen offers a collection of furniture pieces for bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, desks, entertainment, occasionals, accents, and upholstery. This wide range encompasses most of the furniture pieces that you might be thinking of getting.

Price Range:

Magnussen is a typically high-end furniture brand, and this is why they do not directly show the prices. The entire website has a very artsy touch, which makes the furniture shopping even more amazing, but otherwise. The ranges per chair are around $400, and tables are around $2,200. The prices go on as per the piece.

Why Magnussen is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

Magnussen definitely prides itself on its history and craftsmanship like no other. They launch exclusive collections that are quite thrilling for customers to get their hands on. Apart from this, they have time and again proved themselves to be great at craftsmanship, the use of materials, and attention to detail.



AICO, short for "Amini Innovation Corp," has stood as a prominent player in the world of high-end furniture since 1988, renowned for its commitment to exquisite design, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious aesthetics. Founded by Michael Amini, AICO has established itself as a leading brand synonymous with opulence and sophistication in the furniture industry.

Furniture Collection:

The furniture collection at AICO ranges from the living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, lighting, soft home, decor, and more. The brand places a strong emphasis on creating cohesive collections that infuse a sense of grandeur and timeless beauty into every living space.

Price Range:

The price range, just like its products, is quite premium and fancy. The sofas start around $3,000 to $4,000 and more, whereas the dining room furniture ranges around $1,000. While specific prices vary across collections and individual pieces, AICO's furniture typically falls within the upper to luxury price range.

Why AICO is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

AICO has been exceptional in its category and has many factors to be admired, among which stands the artist himself. Michael Amini is the brains behind AICO, which has made this brand from scratch. The brand reflects his story, his style, and his designs. If you are someone who loves to have an artist’s story, AICO is a great brand for you.

6. American Leather

American Leather

In the world of luxury furniture, American Leather is a well-known brand that redefines comfort with its dedication to superb workmanship and cutting-edge design. American Leather was founded with the goal of offering a distinctive combination of elegance and usefulness, and it has since grown to be known for its upscale furniture that fits in well with contemporary interior design.

Furniture Collection:

American Leather gives options among collections, leathers, fabrics, and more, with its products ranging between sleeper sofas, stationery furniture, motion, and more.

Price Range:

The price range of American Leather is around $2,000, and on average, it reclines to be worth $3,000 and more, and the price is definitely worth it when it comes to art.

Why American Leather is Considered a Luxury or High-End Brand:

American Leather is a great luxury brand with high-end material usage, detailed craftsmanship, customization options, and more. The one thing that stands out here is the wholesomeness of the brand. The brand is sustainable, reflects the culture in its work, innovates, designs, and stays up to speed with all the trends. Isn’t that something to be admired?

Final words

To conclude, if we observe these pieces of furniture observantly, we can see that the difference between them is highly reflective. BUT! At the same time, all of them are quite unique in their own way. From different aesthetics to designs to comfort levels and more.

Knowing your brand is a must, and what we advise is to know the story of the brand and get the feel of the brand. Nothing beats the stories, which is why we have mentioned them for all the brands. To understand the feel, we advise you to personally know your space first and then visit a store in person and look at the furniture. You might know which piece is calling for you and your vibe.