10 Best Bernhardt Dining Tables to Invest in 2024

10 Best Bernhardt Dining Table to Invest in 2023


  1. 10 Best Bernhardt Dining Tables
  2. Bernhardt Axiom Round Dining Table
  3. Linea Round Dining Table
  4. Silhouette Rectangular Dining Table
  5. Milo Dining Table
  6. Abbott Dining Table
  7. Arctic Dining Table
  8. Cedar Key Dining Table
  9. Del Mar Dining Table
  10. Madura Dining Table
  11. Solaria Rectangular Dining Table
  12. Conclusion

The dining area is the only place that makes your family gather together daily and create a sense of belonging. This is why you must add a beautiful dining table where you can relish your meals with your family and friends.

But what is the best dining table? The one that has a solid construction fits your space and existing decor and, most importantly, your budget.

Now, you might ask the next question: Which brand should I invest in?

Choose Bernhardt Furniture. This brand has a collection of sophisticated and casual furnishings. The standout feature is that every piece of furniture is unique and easily fits your budget. So, you can rest assured of the dining tables you invest in from this brand.

The making of Bernhardt furniture is also special because it has a mixture of a lot of materials, adding an elegant touch. In this article, you will find the 10 best Bernhardt dining rooms. Check them out.

10 Best Bernhardt Dining Tables

1. Bernhardt Axiom Round Dining Table

Bernhardt Axiom Round Dining Table

Are you looking for a round dining table with a clear glass top? 

Bernhardt's Axiom round dining table features a clean, modern glass top, enhancing the aesthetic factor. We can see that the base is a solid piece made of engineered faux anigre veneers. Also, it has four leg posts that connect the circular top and base. 

So, rest assured that the dining table is durable. Besides this, the dining table's interior and exterior have a linear gray finish that smooths and makes it shine. The table's dimensions can accommodate four dinners along with food and other items. Overall, if you can maintain a glass-top dining table, go ahead and invest in this one.

2. Linea Round Dining Table

Linea Round Dining Table

If you appreciate a blend of wooden and metal dining tables to create rustic yet contemporary vibes, Bernhardt's Linea round dining table can be a nice pick. This table flaunts a wire-brushed oak wood tabletop supported by textured aluminum metal posts.

The wood is polished with a cerused charcoal finish that increases its elegance. Want to make your dining room a luxe interior? Buy a Linea dining table.

3. Silhouette Rectangular Dining Table

Silhouette Rectangular Dining Table with Adjustable Glides

Do you need to accommodate a large family in the dining area? The rectangular silhouette dining table can satisfy your needs. It can easily seat up to 8 people, thanks to its removable leap mechanism that can be extended to accept a removable center table leaf or even multiple leaves.

The tabletop is made of wood, and the tubular, polished stainless-steel pedestals look unique. We can feel that the eggshell-finish top and base are beautiful. With adjustable glides, an extendable feature, and amazing aesthetics, we think that this dining table is worth the investment.

4. Milo Dining Table

Milo Dining Table

Are you tired of those metal or plastic tables resembling cheap restaurant tables? But again, you want a dining table that fits your budget. Here's a pick for you: Milo's wooden dining table can check all your boxes.

This wood-framed top comes with an inset panel of solid wood. The highlight of the design here is the X-shaped double base, where one leg is a wood post in a morel finish, and the other is a metal post in a glazed silver finish.

It can easily serve at least four people comfortably. If you have a modern dining area with neutral decor, you can't find a better dining table for this price. Recommended!

5. Abbott Dining Table

Abbott Dining Table

Many don't prefer glass-top tables because they either look ornate or old-fashioned. But Bernhardt's Abbott dining table is here to change the statement. This dining table comes with a high-end design that can enhance the glamor of your dining area.

The tabletop has a circular glass top supported by a steel pedestal that shines in its stainless steel finish, making it fit into any decor. The best part? Removing dust and maintaining it is a breeze.

However, the manufacturer has recommended not letting liquids stand on the surface for extended periods. Under $3,000, this is simply your best bet to make your dining area more appealing.

6. Arctic Dining Table

Arctic Dining Table

If you have a dining area that screams luxury, then finding a dining room set, especially a dining table that fits the decor like a glove, is hard. 

But not anymore. Bernhardt's Arctic dining table, a high-end dining table is here to fulfill your needs. It features a toughened, extra-clear glass top with curved corners supported by a solid base made of acrylic that resembles crushed ice.

This 6-seater table's texture makes a statement and gives it an irresistible allure. The glass tabletop is available in different shapes, including square, rectangle, and round. It's a perfect choice for a formal yet luxurious dining area.

7. Cedar Key Dining Table

Cedar Key Dining Table

Looking for a dining table that suits both indoor and outdoor use? Then, you might be looking for Bernhardt's Cedar Key dining table. This table's selling feature is its ability to quickly blend with a wide range of interiors.

The rectangular teak wood top has a polyurethane protective top coat in a weathered teak finish, which makes it more resistant to different weather conditions. Its powder-coated L-shaped aluminum legs in charcoal finish add extra glamor and promise durability. Though the look is minimalist, the dining table gives off a warm and welcoming feel.

8. Del Mar Dining Table

Del Mar Dining Table

The Del Mar dining table from Bernhardt can be your ideal choice if you wish for a simple yet elegant and sturdy dining table. This bone-colored table has a concrete top and a tubular stainless steel base in a flint gray finish. 

Since its round tabletop has a polyurethane protective top coat, it can endure wear and tear for a long time. It can have a maximum seating capacity of 6. For more stability, it has adjustable glides, using which you can adjust the height and prevent them from wobbling. If you want a contemporary dining table for your home for under $2600, grab this now.

9. Madura Dining Table

Madura Dining Table

This dining table is the most unique one on the list of the best Bernhardt dining tables. Madura's round dining table's top is made of sliced, carbonized teak in a smoked truffle finish, all combined together to form a beautiful teak-wood puzzle. 

This simple minimalist look, combined with the beautiful organic texture of teak, provides impressive durability and a rustic feel. 

Its galvanized adjustable glides ensure steadiness, whereas the powder-coated stainless steel metal base gives it the required support for holding the top. It has a 4-seat capacity and can easily fit into modern and traditional aesthetics.

10. Solaria Rectangular Dining Table

Solaria Rectangular Dining Table

Looking for a rectangular dining table? Take a look at the Solaria rectangular dining table, which comes with cast steel legs beautifully arranged in a sleek T-shape design. Its top is made of quartered white oak veneers, and a soothing dune color further enhances the beauty. Its cast steel legs in shiny nickel not only promise stability but also sturdiness.

Since the table begins at 88 inches and extends to a spacious 110 inches, it is clear that it can accommodate up to 10 people. If you have a big family, consider investing in this stylish yet durable dining table from Bernhardt.

Final Words

Whether you prefer a contemporary, classic, or traditional look, Bernhardt offers a diverse range of options to cater to various style preferences.

But here's a catch: even if the dining table is affordable and has a timeless style, the most important factor you must check is the comfort factor. Think about how it feels when you sit at one of those tables. If you are buying a dining table online, check out the reviews by existing customers to get a better idea of the table.

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