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Contemporary Hoop-Design Bar

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This unique bar has a gloss white, rounded teardrop top and base, a matching cabinet featuring rear access storage with racks for stemware and wine. A large, polished stainless steel hoop provides an accent with aditional stemware and bottle holders.

    Features :

    • 79" Gloss White Finished Rounded Teardrop Top
    • Matching Mid-Cabinet With 19" Black Storage Insert
    • 16-Bottle Wine And 4-Glass Stemware Racks
    • 72" Polished Stainless Steel Accent Hoop
    • Hoop Adds Glass & Bottle Storage Plus Led Lighting
    • Matching Gloss White Teardrop Base
    • Assembly Required

    Weight: 209.49
    Category: Chairs
    Color: Gray

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Violette Masterson
    uncommon grey shade

    Its grey shade caught my attention at first. It brings a sharp contrast to the black curtains of my house.

    Rosalina Scuderi
    classy white tone

    I was looking for a bar with a white teardrop surface base to add to the sophisticated look of my house. And this bar serves me with that.

    Macie Kowalczyk
    modular stemware mechanism

    The hoop-shaped stemware holds my wine glasses upside down which looks gorgeous and super stylish. The makers made it with stainless steel that makes it last longer and is stainproof, most importantly.

    Margery Truehart
    top-notch teardrop surface

    This bar comes with a round-shaped teardrop surface which lets me place all the necessary utensils on top of it. It holds them together in a stylish way.

    Genevie Picone
    sleek hoop designed bar

    I bought this hoop design bar which bears with it a super contemporary look. I love how this stylish white bar lightens up my dining room a lot more than how it was before.

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